Kevin Guedj and Laurent Correia Belle?Jazz comes out of silence, follow us

Was Kevin Guedj and Laurent Correia unfaithful Belle?Jazz comes out of silence for the first time.All details here.

This is information that shook people on the planet in recent days: Belle slept with Kevin Guedjem on the set

Battle for clans

!Information revealed by a young woman herself.And very quickly Kevin Guedj responded to those accusations he denied.In his social media he said: “It’s madness!

For me, this story is a movie

(…) It doesn’t apply to me at all.Let everyone make the decision, I don’t care.That’s right, it is a shame to say such things, because this may raise some doubts of some.

For her part, Carla Moreau hinted that she had suffered throughout this story.In particular, she explained: “You can imagine that this type of video is not pleasant to listen to.

Yes, I’m very nervous.

Not very.After all that I went through in my life

This will not make me feel bad

.But more for my daughter.We live in France.It is not easy to bring him to school when it happened the day before.As for the rest of the story,

I will tell you as soon as I can.

I will share with you my point of view, my feelings, what happened during this session, as well as what was said in this film.

I’ll do it soon. ”

“I knew before everyone else”

In the meantime, a rumor appeared on the web that Laurent flirted with Belle.In the face of all this, Jazz decided to react in turn and did it in a telegram.She said: ”

I knew about everyone and closed my mouth.

And today there are almost more articles about Laurenta than about this scandal (…)

People who try to take over the story of Laurent and I leave us alone

(…) I accepted this program to break away from production and I regret it to the point.Not all of us regret it.┬╗Jazz also published a conversation she had with Belle, who refutes rumors about a possible affair between her and Laurent.