“Kingdom” confirms the 5th season in January 2024!The story begins with the Battle of You Hills … Announcement of the visual trailer with the great general of Kani also revealed

The “Kingdom” television animation returns with the fifth season broadcast in January 2024. Along with the announcement, a trailer was presented depicting the great general of Kani from the Qin army.

Written by Hara Yasuhis, Kingdom is originally an epic historical manga based on Chinese history, published in episodes on Weekly Young Jump, which sold a total of over 84 million copies.

History takes place during the warning states in ancient China and presents young XIN in his pursuit of becoming the largest general under heaven and Ying Zheng, a young king of the Qin state.

The first season was broadcast between June 2012 and February 2013.The second season between June 2013 and March 2014, the third season from April 2021 to October 2021 and the fourth season from April 2, 022 and October 2022.

The fifth season of the anime “Kingdom” has recently been announced to broadcast in January 2024.After the announcement, Key Visual from Kani was also presented, a key figure this season.The picture presents the channel with an intriguing smile when he says “I will show you how adults are fighting,” presenting his fierce determination in anticipation of the battle that is to start.

The fifth season is focused on the battle between Qin and Zhao during the Koku Koku campaign.Kani, the great general of Qin and Xin and members of the RI Xin army will face each other on the battlefield.

What battle will take place between the Xin and Ri Xin army and the Army of Kani?Will they be able to triumph against the Zhao state?You can’t wait for the result of this fight.

The fifth season of the television anime “Kingdom” will be broadcast in January 2024.

(C) Hara Yasuhisa/Shueisha – Kingdom Production Committee

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