Kingdom Hearts animated series was discovered

The animated series Kingdom Hearts was discovered

by Joseph Luster on October 13, 2022.

There is something really fascinating in missing media and like the recently discovered American pilot Sailor Moon, it is exciting when we can finally see these relics with our own eyes.Another such treasure was discovered when, after almost two decades, Animator Seth Kearsley introduced the audience a long -lost pilot of the proposed animated series Kingdom Hearts.

Now the 11-minute pilot program can now be seen in animated form.So everything is very rough and conceptual.However, even in this state you can get a good idea for tons and other aspects of would -be adaptation, which Animatic was produced to present Disney and Square Enix drivers in 2003.

Kearsley does not want to benefit in any way, and the show plans have been rejected many, many years ago, so consider it as welcome insight into what could be.


Seth Kearsley

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