Klutza Witch’s film inspired by a series of novels for children [trailer]

Key graphics for the upcoming anime movie The Klutza Witch.Photo source: @anime_rakumajo/Twitter

The release date of The Klutza Witch: Fuka and the Dark Witch is in the spring of 2023!

On October 10, 2022, the official Twitter account for the adaptation of the movie the anime Satoko Narita’s the Klutza Witch (Rakudai Majo), a series of romantic novels for children, announced that the title of the upcoming film is the film The Klutza Witch: Fuuk and the Dark Witch (RakudaiMajo: FUUKA to Yami no majo).

Twitter for the film series published key graphics with the three main characters – Fuka and her childhood friends, Chitose and Karin.

The key picture can be seen here:

Key graphics in the upcoming anime movie The Klutza Witch: Fuuk and the Dark Witch.Photo source: @anime_rakumajo/Twitter

Here you can watch a short trailer of the upcoming movie:

The Klutza Witch: Fuuk and the Dark Witch Trailer.

What is the pot of The Klutza Witch: Fuuk and the Dark Witch?

The story is set in a magical world where witches and wizards are commonplace.History focuses on a young witch, named Fuuk, who tends to get into trouble because of her clumsiness and over -zealous behavior when it comes to her magic training.One day Fuka accidentally breaks the seal of the Dark Witch, which once almost destroyed the world.

It can simply be the biggest mistake of FUUKA, but she is ready to do everything to fix everything.Fortunately, she will not have to try to defeat the dark witch herself.Her childhood friends, Chitose and Karin, will help her in search of a way to recalculate the dark witch and save the world from the impending danger.Along the way, her platonic feelings for her childhood friend, Chitose, begin to change into romantic feelings.Will Chitose believe that she fell in love, or will she decide to keep her feelings secret?

Who are the main cast members?

Photo of voice actresses Honok Inoue (Fuka), Manaka Iwami (Karin) and Mutsumi Tamura (yes, boy’s game, chitose).Photo source: @natalie.mu

The main members of the cast Klutza Witch are:

Honok Inoue – Fuukamutsumi Tamura – Chitose, friend Fuki from childhood and sympatyamana Iwami – Karin, another friend of Fuuk from childhood

Which is the members of the production team?

Members of the Klutza Witch production team are:

Where can I read the original series of novels for children?

Klutza Witch is a Japanese children’s series of novels written by Satoko Narita and illustrated by Senno Enaga.In October 2006, the first Tom Rakudai Majo Wa Princess (The Klutza Witch is a princess) was released by popular publishing.Popular publishing has published 17 volumes and one story.In October 2013, the latest edition of the series was released, Rakudai Majo to Yami No Kyuuden (The Klutza Witch and the Dark Palace).Each part of this series of novels is a separate independent adventure, whose hero is a student Fuka.

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