Kubo Won’t Let Me Invisible reveals additional cast members and performer of the opposite song OP

The Kubo Won’t Let Me Invisible production team announced additional cast members and performer performer for the upcoming Anime series.Its premiere is scheduled for January 2023.

New members of the voice cast are Ai Kakuma as Hazuki Kudou and Ayan Taketatsu as Tamao Tira.They attach to the cast of the voice led by Kana Hanazawa as Nagisa Kubo, Keno Kawanishi as Junta Shiraishi, Miku Iitou as Akina Kubo and Sora Amamya as Saki Kubo.

In addition, Hanazawa will perform the anime song “Dramatic Ja Niekulemo”.


New single

『ドラマチック じゃなく て も』 』

Version 2023.2.1🎬


新規 アーティスト 写真 も 公開 ⌛ ⌛

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– 花澤 香菜 (@hanazawa_staff)

October 14, 2022

Kubo production staff will not allow me to be invisi blah consists of Kazuomi Kogi (Rent-a-Girlfriend) as a director, Yuuya Takahashi (Selection Project) as a screenwriter and screenwriter of the series and Yoshiko Satoou (Mushoku Tensei: Jobless reincarnation co-cub character designer)as a character designer.Pine Jam deals with the production of animations for the series.

The series is based on the manga of the romantic comedy Nene Yukimori, which was first published in the Shueisha Weekly Young Jump magazine on October 24, 2019 under the Young Jump Comics brand.10 volumes of Tankoubon were published in September 2022.

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VIZ Media publishes a series of manga in English and describes this story as follows:

When Kubo sits next to Shiraishi in the first grade of high school, Shiraishi’s non -existent social skills gain strength.Speaking loudly in the classroom is just the beginning for Shiraishi – soon Kubo forces him to be noticed at school, bookstore and the whole city.Once devoid of shine of Shiraishi’s life is not so boring anymore!


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