Les Combattanes Season 2: TF1 has already planned the release date?

The production of this new French novel will require almost twenty million euros, which largely brought profits since each episode managed to accumulate an average of five million French!The success was almost certain, especially in the case of this five -star cast.Therefore, the last two episodes ended a historic style series, but whether

TF1 can order season 2


Les Combattantes was not a continuation, but after such success, producers could change their mind quickly … One thing is very likely: the actresses will soon return in the new original creation “Made in France”, but

Can Les Combattantes return to Season 2?

?Answer below.

Les Combattantes Season 2: We reveal all the information we have on the day of the premiere

The series will require six months of filming during which 150 actors and several thousand extras tied scenes, while the makeup and clothes of each actor took an average of two hours!We quickly understand why eight episodes cost twenty million euros … Don’t worry, the series probably brought at least twice as much.

TF1 understood that to compete with Netflix, all stops need to be pulled out.What’s more, if you value historical series, know that “Empress” who follows the history of Sissi (Empress Austria) is currently a hit on a streaming platform with a red logo.When it comes to

Season 2 of the “Les Combattanes” series

, unfortunately, it is very unlikely that the sequel will be ordered.

Camille Lou, Sofia Essaïdi and Julie de Bona did not sign any contract, and Audrey Fleurot recently explained to our TV colleagues that now she wants to be more decision -maker, which means writing or directing fiction (so be behind the camera …).Other heroines of the series have not yet talked about

Season 2 les combattanes


We are convinced that the leaders of the first French channel will do everything in their power to convince the actresses return to the new project, especially after the perfect audience of the original creation, which managed to compete love in the meadow!

Les Combattantes Season 2: The trailer will be online soon?

Season 2 Les Combattanes will probably never be broadcast

in TF1, because the miniserial will not have a continuation.This information has not been confirmed by the first national channel, but if The Charity Bazaar is not renewed, The Fighters unfortunately meet the same fate.You can always watch the trailer of the first season, and if you miss the series too much, know that all episodes are available in the somersault.

What release date of the second season of Les Combattanes on TF1?

Therefore, you understood that the miniserial will not have a continuation and even if it was not officially released, the end does not really leave room for

Season 2

.On the other hand, we are almost sure that we will soon see Camille Lou, Sofia Essaïdi and Julie de Bona in new fiction, because their careers have not yet ended!The director of the series (Alexandre Laurent) certainly has to have many new ideas in his head and after the previous two successes he will not have difficulty finding funds!

The release date of the 2nd season of Les Combattanes on TF1 will never be announced.

And unfortunately we can think that the series is definitely completed.We recommend trying the “The Defeated” Netflix set just after World War II (you will love him, we promise!).

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