List of the most popular anime about life in college

Anime as a medium can speak to people of all ages.Studies are often a time of adventure and discoveries for students.They can freely make their own decisions and have to deal with adult problems.Student life provides great context and interesting topics to the anime.There is not as much student anime as a school anime, but here are some popular examples.


In Genshiken you will follow Kanji Sasahara, who attends the University of Shiyou.He joins the Genshiken club, which brings together “otakus” with various personalities and obsessions.At the beginning he is reluctant to share with them, but in the end he makes friendly.He thinks that everyone in the group may be different, but they share their love for manga and anime.

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Run with the wind

Run with the wind focuses on running.Kaker Kuraha is a student dealing with running.There are other runners in his room in the dormitory, but he learns that he is one of the few experienced runners.Everyone wants to take part in the Hakonen Hakiden relay marathon.This anime shows the strength of joining to achieve a common goal.

Golden time

In the golden time Banri Tada has an accident and loses memories of his previous life.He decides to start a new life and enrolls in legal studies.He does all normal student things, such as going out for a drink, trying to earn money and play with friends.He also finds a girl.

Trouble appears when he meets Linda, a girl he once loved in high school.He begins to remember his old life, and this turns his new life upside down.How does he reconcile his old life with a new life?

Grand Blue

At Grand Blue Iori, Kitahara studies at the University of Izu and lives with his uncle above the diving store.It begins to acclimatize and meet members of the Diving Club.He is quickly drawn into drinking and partying.His judging cousin despises him for it.Since his reputation is at stake, Iori must find

balance in his life

.It turns out that the guys he is playing with are really interested in diving and want him to learn to dive.

Science fell in love, so I tried to prove it

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The in love for learning takes place at the University of Saitama.Himuro, a beautiful scientist, confesses that she fell in love with Yukimu, a serious student.He has no idea about romance and wonders what factors make up love.The couple conducts experiments to check if they show

Features of love

In relation to everyone different.With the help of a group of friends, they try to discover whether they can quantitatively determine their feelings.As a different kind of romantic anime, girls’ students will be happy to watch.

Steins; Gate

Steins; Gate is one of the most

Popular anime among students

.He tells the story of Rintaro Okabe, a student of exact sciences, who with his friends

He accidentally discovers how to use a microwave to send messages in time.This causes complications at school and outside.They must use their knowledge to stop the bad organization and its plans.Some Rintaro actions cause the consequences that make him question whether it was worth discovering time.This anime is not only funny, but also emotionally and philosophically complex.

Cards;The cover of the Gate Home Publishing House

Galaxy Tatami

The third year student of College, Watashi, realizes that his life in College could have been much better when he thinks about the past.He and his friend Ozu tried to sabotage other people’s affairs.He receives a chance to experience his experience in College again and find love.This anime is not typical in terms of telling stories or style, but it shows how college can be what you create it.Your choices make your life as it is.


University anime reflecting students’ experiences can be fun, informative and emotionally complex.More anime revolves around high school experiences, but students do not always want to experience their high school experiences again.Anime College is quite rare, but people of all ages can watch them.