Live-Action Whisper of the Heart Sequel of the 360 ° movie shows Seiji’s Italian house

The employees of the Live-Action sequel based on the manga Aoi Hiiragi Whisper of the Heart (Mimi O Sumaseba) published a new film on Thursday.The 360 ° rotary video shows the behind -the -scenes recordings of Seiji’s house in an Italian city, as well as filming Seiji’s performance, in which he plays a cello in a street band performing the performance of “Tsubas about Kudasai” Michio Yamagami.

In the original film, Seiji expresses his desire to become a student at Lutnik in Cremona, Italy, one of the most famous cities in the world for the lutes of orchestral string instruments.

The acting film was originally opened on September 18, 2020, but was delayed until October 14 due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Yuki Yamada plays Tatsuya Sugimura, a friend of Shizuku from childhood and a member of the baseball team who fell in love with Shizuku.Rio Uchida plays Yūko Harada, the best friend of Shizuku, who in junior high school suggested a suggestion.Tow Araki and Sara Sumitomo play Sugimura and Yūko as they were in junior high school:

Yūichirō Hiraqawa (Live Action The Promised Neverland, Erased/Boki Dake Ga Inai Machi, Waiting for Spring, Rookies, Jin) directs the film whose distribution will be Sony Pictures Entertainment and Shychiku.Anne Watanabe performs a cover of the popular folk song Michio Yamagami “Tsubasa O Kudasai” as the theme of the film.

The original manga inspired the Anime film by Yoshifumi Kondō and Studio Ghibli in 1995.The story follows the junior high school pier Shizuku when he has an accidental meeting with the mysterious antique and boy Seiji Amasawa, grandson of the store owner.Beginner Lutnik, Seiji, also attracted the attention of Shizuku, because she noticed that his name was written on the boxes of cash books that he borrows from the library.Seiji’s passion for soldering inspires Shizuku to make his dream of writing a novel.

Hiiragi published the manga in the Shōjo Manga magazine from Shueisha in Ribon in 1989.Hiiragi published a sequel to a manga entitled Mimi about Sumaseba: Shiawase to Jikan in 1995 and Spinoff entitled Baron: The Cat Returns in 2002.Viz Media Published baron: The Cat Returns in English.This manga inspired Hiroyuki Morita and Studio Ghibli Film The Cat Returns in 2002.

Sources: YouTube Shychiku



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