「私 を 叶える 物語」 」(Watashi about Kanogatari)

“A story that fulfills my dreams”

Umm, I’m sorry, hello? Have we just been lured to all the emotional accumulation, just to lure and change us at the last minute and change the story from anger, or just evil? From my point of view, apparently Wien will now become part of Leilla or something. Wien appears at the last minute, pulling out the most difficult Deux ex machina and saying the canon that apparently not, they will not study abroad, but instead, the father of Wien decided that he would stay in Japan, making her part of Leilli, or at least part of the school program. Is it supposed to become a separate act in some way related to Leilla? Or maybe he just does what he wants as a solo act? In any case, they certainly have their own program, because I imagined that the canon happily combes the city of Vienna when he was inspired by the castle rock towers, city square surrounded only by secular buildings with Gothic chapels that he can view.

But it’s me – but it’s decisions;Liella will certainly be surprised, because everyone said goodbye emotionally, and even cried some tears, because they will miss their friend so much, and now it is all outside the window, because it really did not matter, because the canon was never leaving forborder

Although it was a very ordinary watch, I still invested in characters and I want them to go through the natural arches of history development, but by pulling a rug under them and revealing a “surprise” is not exactly what I would call good writing.It was certainly funny, but I just carelessly agreed with what was happening in history.However, I like that there was a role story – and those who wanted could easily invest in its characters and drama.

It’s like waking up from a very long sleep and finally realized what existence looked like.

This does not mean that I did not like the series, I liked them very much and I appreciated the songs and history – but let’s talk about the final choice of the song.As the first impression;It was a much slower pace and I did not expect that, I would always prefer the songs to be full of energy than this kind of ballads, but beggars cannot choose.So when it comes to this note, I still liked this song, I just don’t listen to this type of music, so I’m not used to it, that’s all.However, after further listeners I can say that the song perfectly describes Leilla as a whole and their culmination Superstar makes everything worth it!This


Ich Love Live, no doubt about this.

If I had to listen to him again, it would probably grew me even more, but I expected a big decrease in the melody and it just never cameS2.So why not go out with a bang?Not bad again – just something other than I expected, I was pleasantly surprised.

It would be cheap to just repeat OP, although certainly a nice moment, but maybe a remix of something that could be slowly bothering in the musical BG of the series, and then everything would gather at the end or something – I talk here.The point was that we needed something a bit more optimistic, of course in my opinion, but it was also fine.

So yes – it’s almost everything!As some end thoughts, the animation was always in place, the character models looked sharp and there was never a point where quality did not go beyond what she originally intended.The songs were also amazing and I think that one of the best, which series still has to offer.


He is my favorite.

So three greetings to Love Live Superstar for successful ending S2!And here are three more cheers for a little more content in this way!

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