Lonely Castle in the Mirror publishes a new trailer and visualization, announced a thematic song

Another trailer and graphics of the upcoming Lonely Castle in the Mirror movie appeared.The first contains a new film material and a better look at the elements of the film drama, as well as the announcement of the “Merry-Go-Land” theme song



Lonely Castle in the Mirror premieres in Japan on December 23.This is an adaptation of the Poplar novel published in 2017 (entitled Kaki No Kojou/Lonely Castle in the mirror in the original, uninterrupted version)

Mizuki Tsujimura

, which was later translated into English by

Philip Gabriel

And published with the title Lonely Castle in the Mirror in 2021.

Penguin Random House describes the book as:

In a quiet district of Tokyo, seven teenagers wake up and discovers that their bedroom mirrors shine.

At one touch they are moved from a lonely life to a wonderful castle filled with winding stairs, vigilant portraits and flickering chandeliers.In this new sanctuary they are confronted with a set of tips leading to a hidden room in which one of them will receive a wish.But there is a hook: if they don’t leave before the fifth, they will die.

Over time, the crushing truth emerges: only those who dare to share their stories will be punished.

Ⓒ2022 「かがみ の 孤城」 製作 委員会 委員会

There is

Keiichi Hara

(Birthday Wonderland, Miss Hokusai) as a director,

Miho Maruo

Strong> (Birthday Wonderland) as a screenwriter,

Keigo Sasaki

(The Millionaire Detective Balance: Unlimited) as a designer of the character and main director of the animation,

Ilya Kuvshinov

(Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045 Character designer) As a conceptual graphic designer and designer of a lonely castle and

Harumi Fuki

(The deer king) as a music composer.

A-1 Pictures

This is a company dealing in animation production.

Meanwhile, she was in the cast

Ami Tou

as a cooko,

Takumi Kitamura

as Rion,

Sakura Kiryuu

as Aki,

Rihito itagaki

as a subaru,

Naho Yokomizu

as a fouka,

Takahashi Minami

as Masamune,

Yuuki Kaji

as ureshino,

Kumiko Asou

as the mother of the main character Kokoro i

Aoi Miyazaki

as Kitajima-Sensei.


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