Lonely Castle in the Mirror publishes a new visual setting, trailer and themed song details

The upcoming anime film Lonely Castle in the Mirror has a new visual setting and the trailer before the premiere of December 23 this year.It will be directed by Keiichi Hara and animated by A-1 Pictures.

Lonely castle in the mirror – trailer

Details on the leading song were also released entitled “Merry-Go-Round” by the Japanese singer Yuri.Additional cast members were announced, although their roles have not yet been specified.These include Akiko Yajima, Karen Miyama, Ayak Yoshimura and Anji Ikehat.

Lonely castle in the mirror – visual

Previously announced cast members are:

Ami Toma as Kokoro anzaisakura Kiryu as Akiaoi Miyazaki as Kitajima-Senseirihito Itagaki as subarunaho yokomizo as Fukamines Takayam

Keigo Sasaki is a designer of the character and the main director of the animation, and Ilya is responsible for the KUV Projekt Castle.Harumi Fuuk creates music.

Lonely Castle in the Mirror is based on the Japanese novel by Mizuki Tsujimury from 2017.It was first published by Publishing in May 2017. Then the novel received an adaptation of the manga, illustrated by Tomo Taketomi, which was then published in episodes under the Shueisha Ultra Jump program from June 2019 to February 2022.

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She published a novel in English for Great Britain and describes it as:

In a quiet district of Tokyo, seven teenagers wake up and discovers that their bedroom mirrors shine.At one touch, they are led out of a lonely life to a wonderful castle filled with winding stairs, watchful portraits and flickering chanders.In this new sanctuary they are confronted with a set of tips leading to a hidden room in which one of them will receive a wish.But there is a hook: if they do not leave at the fifth, they will die.As time passes, the destructive truth emerges: those who dare to share their stories will be punished.


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