Love is in the meadow: after parting, Alexandre confides from this new painful attempt

Definitely love is in the meadow not only leads to happiness.After a break from Mathieu, Alexandre Tola must face a new challenge.But this time his health is threatened!

A little over a month ago, the star love is in the meadow, she broke the hearts of her observers on Instagram.Alexandre Tola parted with Mathieu, whom he seduced in the series.It must be admitted that this break was organized amicably and with dignity rarely found in reality show television dramas.Despite this, the young man had to not be funny.And because misfortune never comes alone, Alexandre Tola’s life is once again turned upside down.But this time

It is much more serious


This Thursday, October 20, Alexandre Tola spoke on Insta, his preferred way of communication.But to understand everything, you have to go back to October 1.So the young man placed his photo with his shoulder on the sling.But what could have happened to him?Fan questions remained unanswered … up to this week.An accident, you could suspect, it was

falling off the horse

.Alexandre Tola is a professional rider.In the years 2020-2022, the first accident forced him to suspend his career, but a few months ago he returned to the saddle.He was taken by great harm, because the consequences of this latter accident can be much more durable.

Alexandre Tola, forever deprived of her passion … and profession?

It all began shortly before the accident, with “huge pain, electricity, fire, pain in the left shoulder and shoulder.”The fall and magnetic resonance imaging later, the verdict is terrifying: ”

Crushing of the spinal cord

I C5, C6, C7 Plus a circle fracture.That is why I am forced to stop work and go to spinal cord surgery. “The operation, which, as influencer reminds us, is not without risk.”It’s a bit like a sky falling on my head.I don’t hide from you that I’m a little scared.With the dignity we know him, beloved

Karine Lemarchand

He adds, however, that “what does not kill us makes us stronger” before the end: “Love each other.”If you want to support him in the comments on Instagram, now there is the right moment!