LoveSickness Junji Ito deserves more attention![Review]

Just because everyone is doing it doesn’t mean you should!Source of the photo: Junji Ito

LoveSickness Junji Ito was partly adapted to the section of the Junji Ito collection and for the live action movie, Love Ghost or Lovesick Dead.But who is The Crossroads Boy and what does he want?

Does he hate Ryusuke and what does he have to do with suicides and angry ghosts?If you haven’t read LoveSickness: Junji Ito Story Collection, this review will focus only on LoveSickness chapters.

The first five stories in the book are a beautiful boy at a crossroads, a woman in danger, shadow, screams and a boy in white.

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If you saw the Junji Ito collection, you already know how history begins.Ryusuke and his parents return to Nazumi after eight years of absence because of his father’s work.

Ryusuke is not satisfied with the return, but soon he makes contact with Midori, his first sympathy and the on good terms with.But it starts to get strange immediately.

There is a kind of divination, unique to Nazumi.Manga calls her a fortune of crossroads and has simple rules.

You stand at a crossroads and ask the first person to appear to predict her future.Some hide their face, but the most effective moment is fog.

And the most popular fortune is romance.But sometimes, when the fog is incredibly dense, a boy dressed in black appears, and his fate is crazy.

Ryusuke does not want to have anything to do with the divination from the crossroads, but it will soon appear.Dischaisoned when we learn about his past.When he was six years old, Ryusuke fought his mother for moving and leaving his friends.

He runs out of the house and meets a woman looking for a fortune.He tells him that he has an affair with a married man, but he is pregnant and he doesn’t want her to stop her child.

Ryusuke, at the age of six and in a bad mood, did not want to hear the problems of the stranger and tell her that he would never regain this man.Later that night, Ryusuke feels guilty and returns to the place where he left a woman.

Only to see that she killed herself with a knife to cartons.Ryusuke learns that a woman is aunt Midori and she feels that she does not deserve to be with her.

But while he tries to fix the situation, giving people positive fortunes, Midori’s best friend meets a boy from a crossroads, and tells her to think about what she wants instead of friends.

The difference between love and obsession!

In five chapters we see Ryuseke dealing with more and more complex situations.First, she has to deal with Midori’s best friend until she committed suicide.

Then people begin to say that Ryuseke is a boy from a crossroads!Someone even sticks his pins into the auricle, and women’s hordes begin to persecute him.

In the end he must run to escape his persecutors, but the police treat him as a suspect, because people say that he is behind suicide.However, Midori finds him, and Ryusuke tells her about her aunt’s death.

Midori meets a boy from a crossroads and tells her to hate Ryusuke for the rest of her life.Then he condemns Ryusuke and tries to stop the boy from the crossroads.

But dead girls still love a boy from crossroads, and Ryusuke somehow transforms into a boy into white.He also predicts divination, but his are positive, and the final panels have a satisfactory ending.

There is room for more chapters, but it also seems complete.I read the manga and watched the movie the same day.

Both tell decent stories, but the film has little to do with Manga.Midori is a new girl, and divination has other rules.

The Junji Ito collection is the closest adaptation to the manga, but if you like stories about ghosts with sweet and bitter endings.But Lovesick Dead or Love Ghost is not a bad way to spend a few hours.