Lupine III: Part 1 20 (funny nonsense #lupiniii)

Lupine III: Part 1 20

ルパン 三世

Lupine III Episode 20

Spoiler summary/synopsis

A series of loud seizures takes place throughout Japan, all attributed to “real” Lupine.Zenigata is frustrated, just like Lupine.He manages to secretly catch up when thieves run to the island in the bay of Wakamatsu.Thieves discover him, and Lupine discovers that the island is full of thieves reaching generations back.Despite using the name of Lupin, the islanders do not recognize him.

The islanders subjected him to survival test for theft, using large boulders.Lupine survived, so they throw him into a cell, under the village chapel.Lupine is cheating on his guards to think that he has committed suicide and escaping.He goes to the only residence in which Lupine discovers that the inhabitants of the village live in accordance with the principles from the book written by his grandfather.

Meanwhile, Zenigata discovers a clue that leads him to the island.The islanders change the interiors of their huts from modern and luxurious to primitive and old.Zenigata shows a photo of Lupine villagers.They are shocked when they find out that they had Lupine, but then they discover that he escaped.Zenigata can’t find Lupine, but he feels he is on the island.Therefore, he gets permission to spend the night.

Lupine gives him a visit to reveal the truth.After putting the zenigata to the side, Lupine dresses up as a zenigata and manages to get a book.Lupine forces the villagers to pursue wild goose.However, Lupine cannot escape, because the island is full of police boats.The inhabitants of the village return for Lupin, but escapes using two imprisoned, giant birds.



Lupine 3: Part 1 20

She was quite ridiculous, even by the standards of this series.

No nonsense

Lupine III

The franchise is known for its bizarre elements.Therefore, Lupine can drive its car in an impossible way, even if it is cut in half.Other laws of physics are often bent.Goemon can cut everything (unless the story says differently).Lupine can perfectly hide himself and everyone.Mostly I accept these crazy things.

However, in

Lupine III: Part 1 20

Screenwriters transfer matters to a completely new level.Lupine could no longer cling to the bottom of the thieves car.And a similar episode for Lupin, which was dragged with a boat in a barrel, and people in Łódź did not even notice it.I wonder: “How would you not notice a huge resistance?”

Then, for a village that worshiped Lupin’s grandfather and uses the name Lupine III (and similarities in the field of clothing) to commit their crimes, how could Lupin III not know?

Finally, the episode had the atmosphere of an old, cheesy Scooby-Doo trip from the 70s.People in the village of thieves usually look and dress like peasants from a past era.Their huts look the same.And yet in the middle of the hut they are luxurious and modern.But when the trouble comes, well, the interior (including the walls) can be reversed to reveal cheesy, poor, historic interiors.It was out of the parenthesis for me and removed me from the episode.

Final thoughts and conclusions

Let me summarize my review

Lupine 3.: Part 1 20

with several final thoughts.

I am stunned that he was based on a real manga chapter from Monkey Punch.I am not sure what freedoms were taken in the adaptation of the anime.Shocking, Lupine is flying solo (without zenigata) in this episode.Often Fujiko or Goemon can stay on the shelf.But it’s hard for me to remember how Jigen was completely put down on the shelf.


Lupine III: Part 1 20

It’s just a pile of absurd nonsense.It is a pity, because the island devoted to worshiping Grandfather Lupine could create an interesting story.

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