Lupine Zero will be a 6-part she (Original Net Animation)!

The world’s greatest thief had to start somewhere.Photo source: TMS Entertainment

On October 23, 2022, @Lupin_zero published on Twitter that the new original network animation, Lupine Zero, will have 6 episodes.We have trailer trailer, abstract, some staff, premiere show and when to expect it!

Unfortunately, there is not a word whether the original voice actors will be present or which services will broadcast them.But Tweet promises to take us on a nostalgic journey, and watching a child Lupin promises fun.

Why am I not surprised?Photo source: TMS Entertainment

What is Lupine Zero?

Lupine Zero is a prequel of the LiPin third series, whose action takes place in 1960 in Tokyo.Following the trailer, this will not be Lupin’s first escapade, but it can be the one who reveals his name.

It will also combine stories with manga and original adventures.Teaser translated: “Lupine, my name is Lupine” and indicates the choice he must make.

He can’t go about becoming a thief, so what could it be and who is talking?Will we also see younger versions of Jiegen, Goemon, Fujiko and Zenigata?

Those who go to the Anime NYC 2022 on November 18-20 will see the world premiere of Lupine Zero.Daisuke Sako directs, and Ichiro Okouchi supervises the scenarios.

Asami Taguchi designs characters, and Yoshihide Otomo composes music.The premiere of Lupine Zero is scheduled for December 2022, and animated by Telecom Animation Film.

Fears of the future

Although six episodes may seem not much, Lupine Zero is the second Lupine project The third announced in 2022.TMS Entertainment announced Lupine Third Contra Cat eye on September 22, 2022.

Lupine The third versus cat’s eye will be entirely CGI and embedded 20 years after the events of Lupine Zero.But this crossover premieres in 2023 only in Amazon Prime Video.

Does this mean that one event can be irritated in the other?For example, will Lupine Zero also become an exclusive Amazon Prime Video movie?

October is coming to an end, but the news is still growing.You can expect more details as soon as we confirm them as you approach these projects.

Are you excited about more Lupine content?Give us your thoughts when the largest thief in the world returns to the small screen!