Lycoris recoil review – more than just charming gun girls

More than just cute weapons girls


: 13


: Action, comedy, piece of life, Shounen

Emission date

: July 2022-September 2022


: A-1 Pictures

Contains spoilers

At a time when most of their studies abandoned the sequels to the well-known series, A-1 Pictures began summer 2022, presenting two original anime, Engage Kiss and Lycoris Recoil.I must admit that Engage Kiss was actually the idea of A-1 Pictures and Aniplex through what Project Engage called.However, Lycoris Recoil is a completely new and original anime series.

So how does this original anime fall against the highly competitive seasons of sequels?Well, since the new manga and the adaptation of Light Novel are announced shortly after the start of the series, and then published before its end, we can safely assume that A-1 sees a promising future for this series.Maybe Lycoris Recoil will be a completely new IP for this iconic studio?Well, before we get to this, let’s see how good it is in this short review.

Time for discussion

In the world of Lycoris Recoil, Japan has become the safest country in the world.Earth.There are almost no brutal crimes in the country, and people can easily live in their minds because they know that they are completely safe against criminals.However, the truth is much more gloomy.There is a secret organization called lycoris, which employs students as a killer.They use great artificial intelligence.who can immediately find criminals, and before they do something bad, the Lycoris agent will appear and kill them.

The story revolves around the best Lycoris agent in history, Chisato Nishikigi and the grumpy agent Lycoris, who is to be her partner, Takana Inoue.Chisato is endowed with incredibly sharp eyes and athletic body, which allows her to avoid bullets, even if she is shot directly in front of her.Considering this, he is a very laid back person who does not want to kill or hurt other people.Chisato even uses a rubber ball to make sure that her weapon will never kill anyone.On the other hand, although Takina is an extremely talented killer, he is still quite impetuous and is always in a hurry to get a promotion in the headquarters.So start a chaotic, funny and exciting journey of these two seemingly opposing girls.

Why is it worth watching lycoris recoil

1. Going beyond sweet girls with weapons

The main motif of Lycoris Recoil and we dare say that this is the main thing that makes people interested in watching this movie is primarily the concept of Cute Girls with Guns.Considering this, Lycoris Recoil does not throw this known concept into random history and calls it a day.No, they actually expand this concept far beyond the idea of charming girls with weapons.

It’s about contrast and combination.Just as charming girlfriends with spits connect, they also combine serious topics, such as killings and terrorism, with cool and relaxing work days in a cafe.We also get a great contrast between carefree Chisato and the unbalanced and unpredictable Majima.

Even the idea of a world that looks and feels incredibly safe, and yet under this calm facade is actually juvenile girls killing people on the left and right, it is the perfect use of a combination of two contrasting elements.Therefore, when Majima finally destroys the boundaries between two worlds and thus connect two opposites, they are so exciting and exciting see you.There are more examples of showrunners using the principle of combining two contrasting things in the whole series.But this is one of the most distinctive.

2. Collision of ideals

Instead of a accidental meeting of good forces with the forces of evil, which happened in lycoris, the recoil is more like a collision of ideals.In this series there are several ideals, but the main ones come from Chisato, Majima and Shinji.

In the case of Chisato, she got a second chance in her life when she was small.That is why, despite her amazing shooting skills, she refused to take away life from other people.On the other hand, Majima is tired of watching people living in a false world created by Lycoris.There should be a balance between good and evil.Hiding all bad things from people, Lycoris hurts them.So he decided to cause as much chaos as possible to restore the proper balance to the world.

And there is also Shinji, a man who saved Chisato.For him, the most important thing in life is to encourage people to use their potential and improve their talent (no matter what talent it is) to improve the world.This is also the reason he saved Chisato so many years ago.He recognizes Chisato’s talent as a killer and wants her to be the best killer he has ever lived.That is why he is deeply disappointed when Chisato refuses to kill other people.

There are other characters with strong ideals in a series, such as Mika, Kusunoki, and even Takina, but the clash between these three is what drives the main conflict in Lycoris Recoil.All three stick to their ideals with all his heart and does not want to give up, even if innocent people fall victim.What an interesting way for the direct weaves of the development of the character with the story.

Why is it worth skipping lycoris recoil

1. The classic Batman versus joker situation

As mentioned above, the collision of ideals is a great way to connect the development of the character with the story.However, the conflict caused by these ideals, especially between Chisato and Majima, immediately reminds us of a well -known clash between two classic comic enemies, Batman and Joker.

An orphaned child who grows up to the guard still refuses to kill the enemy?This is Batman and Chisato.A man with green hair who wants to see a world in chaos and likes to rub with his army-naesis?Well, isn’t that a perfect description of the Joker and Majima?

The idea behind this “collision of ideals” is absolutely great, but this cruel dance between Chisato and Majima is extremely similar to the classic Batman vs.Joker situation.Anyone who knows anything about Batman will inevitably recognize this similarity.As a result, everything becomes quite predictable.

Lycoris Recoil is undoubtedly one of the best anime years 2022. It uses the well -known and favorite concept of “Cute Girls with Guns” and develops it into something even better.The way it builds the conflict around the ideals of the character is also interesting.

There are parts in the series, in particular the interaction between Chisato and Majima, which resemble the well -known Batman vs Joker situation.However, this should not discourage you from watching this very funny series if you haven’t done it yet.

Have you watched Lycoris Recoil?If so, what do you think about it?Let us know in the comments section below.

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