Maeva Ghennam and Maes lovers?This equipment mélanie orl, which was not unnoticed

Bloggers said Maeva Ghennam was in a relationship with Maes.Mélanie Orl reacts to this story and faces a rapper.

The day before yesterday, several bloggers dropped the bomb on the network.Indeed, an audio recording was published on the network, in which we hear rapper Maes claims that he had a relationship with Maeva Ghennam.The singer also revealed his alleged night with a candidate for reality TV in great detail.This history

Social networks quickly circulated

.She also reached the ear and mother of children Maes.

Maeva Ghennam

She quickly denied these rumors

.In another recording, you can hear how it tunes with your agent

Magali Berdah

.She also shared the conversation she had with Maes, in which she explains that he allegedly lied.But now, according to several bloggers, a nice brunette and rapper would create a false conversation to announce their innocence in this matter.It is very difficult to say who tells the truth in this story.Last night, the Reality TV candidate Mélanie ORL decided to react to this matter.

Mélanie Orl defends Maeva Ghennam

For several years, the blonde and girl brunettes were cold.In particular, they went to war because of Marseillais Greg Yega.During the filming of the fifty two young women once again kneaded a roll.In social networks, Mélanie Orl and Maeva Ghennam do not hesitate to throw slips at all costs.But now, last night, the candidate from the rest of the world has decided

defend your rival

in its history with Maes.Indeed, in her history on Instagram she wrote: “Just rap.You are talented, it’s a shame.It will release the album soon.Click click click ».A pretty blonde accuses the rapper that he came up with everything to cause noise.What do you think?