Magali Berdah, the victim of harassment: 13 arrested people, speaks with tears in his eyes

From May 17, Magali Berdah has been victims of cyber lamping and threats of death.This Thursday, October 20, she learned about good news.

Over the past few months, Magali Berdah has been in the confusion.Booba became his enemy, and the rapper decided to condemn influencers’ behavior, and more specifically “influencers”, as he calls them.Then he revealed many fraud and placing dangerous products.In his viewfinder Magali Berdah, founder of Shauna Events, an agency representing candidates for reality TV.Because of this media war between the influencers agent and Booba

Magali Berdah fell victim to harassment

.After submitting the complaint, the first investigation results have just been disclosed.

La Cerfia has provided information on Twitter.”13 people were arrested for cyberblasting and death threats at Magali Berdah.An investigation in connection with “fraudulent marketing practices” was also initiated against her.After this announcement, the client interested decided to react.Face camera

Magali Berdah appeared in tears

to explain your community.”I am in a bit terrible condition, but these are really tears of joy,” she began.

Magali Berdah: “12 people will be judged”

In that case


Reality TV participants continued: “I’m really very happy.There were 13 people in my files who were arrested,

12 to be judged, so they already have the date of interrogation.

I am very happy because it already shows that we cannot do anything on the web so that it does not remain unpunished.We must be aware of what is happening in the networks.Magali Berdah then wanted to thank her lawyers who were very present to her, as well as the police.He hopes that the end will come “and that she will finally be able to” sleep one night. “Asking all the victims of the harassment, she advised them

make a complaint

because there is “justice”.