Magic revolution of the resurrected princess anime: release date!Confirms the debut

in January 2023

There is great news that fans are waiting for.Well, this update applies to The Magical Revolution of the Reincarnated Princess Anime.For the first time announced at the beginning of this year, it is Isekai, which everyone was waiting for.The story of two royal ladies who are looking for respect in this fueled interest in the world is the whole heart of the new history.The latest update brought a new film to the table.Here’s everything you need to know about it.

Written by Piero Karasu in 2019, Shostsuka Ni Naro is one of the most famous online manga of recent times.This history of Isekai was different than all.By abandoning classic heroes, he brought female clues to the front.Now the fans are curious how history translates into anime:

Magic revolution of the resurrected Anime Princess: New announcements!

The latest announcement appeared with the second promotional film The Magical Revolution of the Reincarnated Princess Anime.The story of Isekai, which focuses on the heroines, will certainly reverse the fate of winter fate.So the trailer contains a brief description of the upcoming season.Along with these fans, the last month of the premiere of the program was also revealed.You can watch the trailer here:

What is anime about?

According to the official summary made available by the producers, the story of The Magical Revolution of the Reincarnated Princess Anime is around the princess.From childhood, the royal masters knew that this girl had natural inability to magic.But Anisphia was reluctant to believe that she could use magic.That is why she tried hard enough to reconcile with the idea of magic.But he learns that the nobleman was deprived of the title of another monarch.

Anisphia decided that she would help a woman as best she can.Soon they both start living together.And she didn’t know much that now she could learn a lot about magic from Euphyllia.This is where all the adventures of this wonderful story begin!

Magic revolution of the resurrected Anime Princess: release date

The final release date of the new anime has not yet been disclosed.And such updates only come for months before the premiere.That is why fans would have to follow regular updates to know what is going on.The anime Magical Revolution is expected to be released in January 2023.We will definitely update this section as soon as the final release date is published.Therefore, keep an eye on The anime Daily to receive updates only here.