Mainly Halloween 2022 Yuri Game News

It’s been a while since I published one of them.A few games with Yuri elements came out and only a few that I noticed.While several games in this post are to some extent related to horror, you can mention other Yuri games in the comments, so I can post them later in the bonus section.

First we have

Pitstop in Purgatory


Tymedust Games


Astrid wakes up in Purgatory and has to accept his death.The only problem is … She doesn’t remember anything!Show and click your way through the game -based gameplay combined with the story of visual novels and solve the mystery of the premature death of our heroine.


A unique story consisting of over 46 thousand.Words on five routes that create a full story together.

Be happy

Indicate the gameplay and click which combines the adventure and exploration with the story of visual novels.


His path through a charming, funny, dramatic and moving narrative full of fascinating characters, revived by partial voice acting.


Pictures, backgrounds, special scenes and inventory items, all drawn in a beautiful and unique style.


Over 65 hidden elements, including database entries and paintings from the gallery.


For a dynamic soundtrack composed by the popular YouTube artist



It looks like a mysterious Otome game with one Yuri route.Do not quote me in this matter, but there must be a specific reason why I was contacted me to help promote it.It looks and sounds pretty cool anyway.

Those interested can find out by playing a demo on



.Although the game is already available on, the Steam version will contain additional content.This most likely means that the ITCH version will get an update patch or something.The premiere is scheduled for October 14.

Kiss The Demiurge is a dramatic visual novel on the subject of Yuri about magic, illusions, regret and love.

“To purify humanity!”

Kiss The Demiurge is a dark visual comedy Yuri about magic, illusions and love.He tells the story of a girl named Minori, a magician who absolutely hates magic.As a child, she wanted to become a magical girl, like the heroes she saw on television.One day a mysterious voice offered her magical powers and fulfilled her dreams.Young Minori willingly accepted the gift of a stranger and was absolutely delighted when she was given magical powers.But unfortunately for her, she soon realized that the gift of magic was in fact a curse, a strength of nature far beyond her control.Magic Minori did not burn out and both her parents disappeared from this world.She grew up with guilt and stated that she was repressing for her sins, removing all those who were looking for magic from the world.

Minori examines a fire at a local high school, which, he suspects, was caused by magic.There, it so happens that he follows the poster advertising the magic club, dedicated to “study and spreading magic around the world.”

The club’s concept itself annoys her and immediately sets out to infiltrate and eliminate members of magical ambitions.

It contains about 12-15 hours of reading and three paths to choose from.

The art of dialogue scenes looks simple, while computer graphics are nice.Three main routes will appear in the game.The first update is a demo available to those interested to better find out what to expect.Go to the game with the “title of debut” and “more than at first glance”.You never know.Here you can find a hidden gem.

Download the demonstration version on


And for readers who want more, the game is expected to be released in October 2022.

Also check the non -Huri series

A blooming night shadow

and its continuation

A blooming night shadow

.Both free games.

Graveyard Girls is a visual novel about Halloween with juri, telling about complicated regret and overcoming difficulties.Collect Elle’s “scribble” to find out about her struggle, make friends with a mysterious girl and talk about death.

Download to



Download the game with

free.18+ warning.The game contains disturbing images and very strong topics, inappropriate for younger recipients or uncomfortable people with topics.

A private detective visits a small town after recovering from a coma.He is looking for a missing beloved his mentor, but the eyes she was born, those who see black hatred, pull her into the darkness of the underground.

Cult, two priests and threads that are puppets in the world.

~ 45,000 words

4 main endings and lots of blind streets

8 CG

6 original paths

Availability options

Download the game on


Butterfly Soup 2 is a continuation

Butterfly Soup

, a romantic sports novel about four LGBT teenagers+ Asian-American playing baseball and falling in love.

Set a few months after the events of the original history, the game switches between the perspectives of Diya, Noelle, Akarsha and Min-SEO, when they move around school life in the San Francisco bay.

There is no link to the game yet, but it will most likely appear on the day of the premiere on the website


Translated profiles of new members

– グルミク eng (@d4dj_upddes)

October 11, 2022

Bushiroad is one of the most gay gay studies I know.Their four series,

Love live!


Revue Starlight


Bang Dream!



These are Yuri soft mines.Whether their games or anime are “hiding” for years, obviously.Finally they say: “We finished dancing around what cultural people have known for years.Have an open pair! ”

Michir’s team

(I don’t know if they already have the name of the unit) he has two members who meet openly.We keep our fingers crossed one day animated.Unlikely in the second season, but hopefully in a special OVA or third season.Until then, fans can expect their debut in a mobile game impatiently

D4DJ: Groovy Mix


Thank you Bushiroad for the endless blessings of Yuri.

-og-mate 🇦🇼 (@theyuriempire)

October 11, 2022

And think about the summaries of games and other things that I remember, which I have heard about.Again, you can add more names in the comments, regardless of whether they are the motifs of Halloween Yuri or not.