Managing the novice Alchemik Episode 2: Atelier Saras

I waited for Saras to get his atelier before I make references.This time has come.

When we left our heroine last time, she graduated from the Magic Academy and became a qualified alchemist.Her mentor, Mistress Ophelia, awarded, helped her buy an atelier/shop of alchemists at a reasonable price.The problem was that it was in the middle of the wilderness and quite uneven.Fortunately, Saras did not lose hope and said that the studio is still well equipped and requires only good cleaning.

Another reason for the visit was the creation of a transfer circle.Think about how about the mailbox in the simulators of life and studio games used for sale mixtures and other things.When the time came, Sarasa tried to convince her to stay, keeping her face.I will not lie.The sight of a lonely sarassa crying to sleep twice wounded my Kokoro.

So instead of RPG Real Estate I get kuma kuma kuma bear so far.It works for me because I like this program.I am waiting for more.