Manga Akane Torikai Return Saturn ends in 2 chapters

Manga about a novelist who loses a friend, debuted in January 2019



In the Weekly Big Comic Spirits in January 2019, Shogakukan published a compiled Tom Manga volume on July 29.

The story tells about Ritsuko Kaji, a novelist who is problems with writing.One day her most trusted friend Aoi asks her if this is really her life.When Ritsuko wakes up on the phone, he discovers that Aoi has committed suicide.The life of “loss”, from which she always turned around, begins to move …

Torikai debuted as a manga creator in 2004.Her works includeSensei No Shiroi USO (white teacher’s lie), Jigoku no Girlfriend (girl from hell), Mandarin Gypsy Cat No Rōjō and Romance Bōfūiki.

Kodansha USA Publishing of licensed manga Torikai’s Pious Lie (Sensei No Shiroi USO).Manga lasted from 2013-2017.

Source: Weekly Big Comic Spirits number 45