Manga Chainsaw Man: Where to read the original Fujimoto series in English

Where can chainsaw man fans read the original series Mang Tatsuki Fujimoto in English and how many copies this series has been sold?

After all, there is a long -awaited mapping adaptation of the cult series manga chainsaw man tatski fujimoto!

The animation premiered at Crunchyroll and met with a unique reception among fans around the world thanks to #Chainsawman, #denji and #makima, which are already gaining popularity on social platforms.

While the new anime is really impressive;If you are a fan of this series and you like what you saw in Mapp, check the original series – here is the list where you can read the Chainsaw Man manga in English.

Where to read chainsaw man in English

The Chainsaw Man manga series was written and illustrated by Tatsuki Fujimoto, which debuted in Japan in December 2018.

From October 2022, 12 complete volumes of Tankobon remained


in Japan.

However, only 11 of these volumes are currently available in English.

Physical copies can be bought in most main comic bookstores, because as well as online stores, including





Water stones




Alternatively, you can also access the chainsaw man manga in digital form.Online versions can be bought in

Google Play


Apple iBooks

, Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble



Viz Media


How many copies does the manga sold?

The Manga Chainsaw Man series has met with a unique reception among fans in Japan and abroad.

Until August 2020, the series had

It has sold

Over 3 million copies, up to 4.2 in October and ultimately 5 million until December this year.

By the end of December 2021, there were over 12 million copies of Manga Chainsaw Man in circulation.

In September 2022, when the last official sales data was made available, the series sold in over 16 million copies – including both digital and physical sales.

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Announcement: Chainsaw Man: Buddy Stories, the original concept of Tatsuki Fujimoto and written by Sakaku Hishikawa, provides four new stories with iconic manga characters!Premiere of summer 2023.

– VIZ (@Vizmenia)

October 7, 2022

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Did Manga win any awards?

Yes, Manga Chainsaw Man has won many awards thanks to the engaging story, excellent characters and disturbing artistic style, including:

Best Manga Shonen – 66th Shogakukan Manga Award Award 2021 The best manga – Harvey Award 2021 The best manga shonen – 27. Manga Barcelona 2021darum for the best drawing – Japan Expo Awards 2022Darum for the best script – Japan Expo Awards 2022Darum for the best manga of action – Japan Expo Awards- Harvey’s award 2022

The series was also nominated for the Best Us Edition of International Material (Asia) award.

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Where can chainsaw man fans read the original manga of Tatsuki Fujimoto in English and how many copies have been sold?After all, it is here, mapp …