Manga One Room of Happiness Hakuri ended in volume 11

Manga published in 2017;Inspired live series in 2018, Spinoff Manga in 2019.

Hakuri released the manga on Pixiv and Twitter before


On February 2017, on February 20, Square Enix published the 10th volume of Manga.Crunchyroll publishes a digital manga in English.

History focuses on the girl and her kidnapper.The kidnapper pulls the girl out of the problems of her previous life and gives her a taste of happiness.The girl begins to enjoy life with her kidnapper and swears that one day she will marry him.

Manga inspired the adaptation of the acting series, which he debuted in the Streaming Service ABematv in July 2018.light.The program is still broadcast on the ABC channel of the Kansai region.

Hakuri wrote the spinoff of the manga entitled Seikai No Tantei, which is the prequel to the original manga, and the main character is the figure of detective Hijiri Matsubase.Square Enix published the first volume of Manga Spinoff in September 2019. Manga ended with the fourth volume, which was sent on May 20.