Manga’bartender “is running a new anime project

The publisher Shueisha announced on Friday that Manga Joh Araki and Kenji Nagatomo Bartender will receive a new anime project.Nagatomo released an illustration (in the photo above) to commemorate the advertisement.

Araki and Nagatomo published a fragment of the manga about life in the Super Jump magazine from December 2004 to September 2011. Manga went to the Grand Jump magazine in November 2011 and ended the next month.Shueisha published the 21st and last volume in February 2012.

Spin-off Manga drawn by Osam Kajisa in episodes in the same warehouse from January 2012 to October 2013. The sixth and last volume was published in December 2013.

Palm Studio produced an 11-episode television adaptation of the anime, which was broadcast in the autumn of 2006.Shout!Factory and

Limited anime

They licensed anime in 2020 and published a Blu-ray set in North America in January 2021.

The bartender inspired the live television series, which premiered in January 2011.


In the alleys of the Ginza district there is Eden Hall, a lonely bar led by Ryuu Sasakura, a wonderful bartender, which is said to be preparing the most amazing cocktails that anyone has ever tried.However, not everyone can find Eden Hall;Rather, Eden Hall has to find you.Customers from various environments wander for this bar, each of which is tormented by their own problems.Nevertheless, Ryuu always knows the perfect cocktail that will comfort and lead every desperate soul.

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