Mieruko-chan Manga exceeds 2 million circulating copies, the author’s illustration was published

The first manga of Tomoki Izumi Mieruko-chan published on Friday the 8th compiled volume, and the author announced that the series exceeded 2 million copies in circulation.Mangaka published a special illustration to celebrate the achievement.

Visual post of the author

, signed “Released 8th volume and 2 million copies in circulation … Thank you” with the emotikon of the crying face, shows the heroine Miko Yotsuya on the left, who with a smile gives in the right hand a sign of peace indicating “2”, while in the middle she stands her friend, HanaYurikawa, which shows the gesture OK.Her friend, Yuria Niguredo, gave the same sign with her left hand above her left eye to signal “0”.Body languages mean 200 out of 2 million copies in circulation.All three are surrounded by “monsters”.The text in the upper right corner is: “Mieruko-chan exceeded 2 million copies in circulation!”While the text in the lower right corner says “8.The compiled volume is on sale “with the name of the author of” Izumi “.

Tomoki Izumi, the author of Manga Mieruko-chan, drew a congratulatory illustration for 2 million copies

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Tomoki Izumi began Mieruko-chan on Twitter and launched a series on the Manga Kadokawa Comicwalker website in November 2018. Manga published the first compiled volume in April 2019 and inspired the adaptation of the anime, which was broadcast from October to December 2021, animated by Passione.

Jen Press has granted a manga license for English editions and describes the story

Volume 1


A normal girl lived a normal life until she was.One day she could see … everything.What should a girl do when hideous monsters appear, regardless of which way she will turn?In addition, no one else can see them!Of course, there is only one thing that makes sense – ignore it.However, it is a bit difficult to apply the theory in practice when ghosts know that he is looking …

Mieruko-chan manga volume 8 Cover


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