Mika Kano Cosplays as Makima from Chainsaw Man

Mika Kano Cosplays as Makima from Chainsaw Man

by Danika Davidson on October 12, 2022.

Mika Kano, who is part of the Kano sisters, is known for her fashion, and sometimes her fashion includes cosplay.On the Instagram website of the Mika sisters


As a macima with chainsaw man.

She released the day ago, which coincided with the debut of anime adaptation.You can see that she dissolved her hair, eyes and even a pose.Here is the Figure Makie to show how much they fit together:

Who, what do you think, looks better Kano and a figurine?

Kano placed some of her photos in this pose on Instagram and although she did not share the figurine of Makima, she shared the figurines of Podkita and Chainsaw Man.At the time of writing this text, her photos and cosplay chainsaw man won over 33,000 likes.Almost a hundred people commented, mainly in Japanese, although some use emoticons to convey their point of view, and many hearts appear in the comments section.

VIZ Media publishes the original Chainsaw Manga on English and gave this one


first volume:

“Denji is a poor young man who will do everything for money, even hunts for devils with his pet’s Pagita.He is a simple man with simple dreams, drowning under the debt of debts.But one day his sad life is turned upside down when he is betrayed by someone he trusts.Now with the power of the devil, Denji has become a completely new man – Chainsaw Man! ”

To check the manga manga review of the USA, look here.Anime Chainsaw Man will be released simultaneously.


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