Miyu Tomita joins the cast of Genshin Impact as Layla

Voice actress Miyu Tomita joins the Japanese cast of the voice game Genshin Impact as Layla-Senna four-star sword user Cryo, who will be released in the second half of the upcoming patch 3.2.She will share banners from Childe and Yae Miko, who have their replays.Miyu Tomita as Layla can be heard in the Japanese trailer of the update “Akasha, Kalpa Flame Rise”:

The English trailer is also available, but no English voice actor has been disclosed yet.The first half of the update contains the Nahida banner, as well as the replay of Yoimiyi.The catalyst of a thousand floating dreams will accompany the Nahida banner as a new 5-star weapon.Layla will be the only new four -star character in the update and the first four -star Cryo since Rosaria’s premiere.

Miyu Tomita is a Japanese voice actress, known among anime fans as Riko from Made in Abyss, Miko Iino in the Kaguya-Sama series: Love is War, Ebisu from Dorhedoro and more.She proclaimed characters in various games, including Kafka in Arknights and Petit Albert in the smile of Arsotoria.


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