MOB Psycho 100 III – 02

「妖怪 ハンター ・ 天草 晴明 晴明 登場! ~ 百鬼 の 脅威 !! !! ~」 (Youkai Hantaa amakus Haruaki Tojou! ~ Hyakki no kyoui !! ~~)

“Yokai Amakus hunter appears Haruaki!~ The Threat of a Hundred Demons !! ~ ”

We are in the third season of MOB Psycho 100 and I learned to value these fragments of episodes from mental life.They always remain in the shadow of large hits of action, and multi -episode arches attract headers.They are great, don’t make a mistake.Especially in Bones’s hands in full beast mode, determined to make this series a show for the studio.But I always felt this way if the material is what they write best.And it’s not like the animators did not have the opportunity to show off …

The story here was a two -way attack, starting from the MOB Culture Festival approaching at school.He is appointed with three other boys (including Inuyama) to design costumes for a haunted class home.Others, junior high school students, want to buy some white sheets and call it a day, but as usual, the mafia is constitutionally unable to do anything in half.It is an interesting dragging of the rope between the two fishing of his personality – his shy, conflicting the side fighting with his relentless pursuit of treating things seriously.In the meantime, the Ritsu class decided to make a cafe for maids with disguises – a perspective that she considers so terrifying that he was trying to use his place in the student council to ban her.

Meanwhile, a strange guest appears.Alcoholic beverages and such.Amakus Harukai introduces himself as Youkai hunter, speaks in the style of theatrical singing of Noh and in record time completely irritates Reigen.

Hiyama Nobuyuki

He has too much joy in this role – his performance is more or less stealing the episode.Only when Harukai throws a wad of a million yen with banknotes worth 10,000 yen on the table – announcing that his rich parents subsidize his lifestyle – Reigen decides that he is interested.Amakus declares (in a wonderful scene in which his story is presented on a scroll and half -sinking to normal speech) that the night parade of 100 demons is gathered to resurrect the great king of demons and that he needs reigen help in defeating them.

It seems that Amakus is simply crazy, but when dealing with a million yen, Reigen is more than ready to break the circle of sadness.So he and Serizawa set off with Youkai hunter with a late mob.And it turns out that Amakus has something to herself – at least he senses Youkai’s energy.He leads the boys to a friend, an abandoned building, where Youkai is present.Including not less than Maou and his four demonic generals.

The matter is that even in the presence of Nurarihyon (or anyone it is) and his generals, MOB and Serizawa barely barely sweat.In fact, MOB is so distracted by its fears related to the cultural festival (Reigen’s request for advice was his original reason for coming to the office) that he is quite distracted in dealing with these allegedly powerful demons.Between him and Seriawa Spirits & Such is currently absurdly overpowered, although this is useful here, because regardless of the spiritual sensitivity he may have, Amakus seems not to have any combat skills.

Reigen’s reaction is also important here – one can even say terrified – to a MOBA, which without his help discovers his problem.Our boyfriend really grows up, which Reigen will be happy when the initial disappointment passes.It is not that the MOBA projects regarding the haunted house thoroughly shake bunakai to its rafters, but for MOB the very conviction of others to go together is a considerable step in his social development.As for Ritsu, his social development is the last thing he is worried about, although it turns out that he is a hit among local mothers.

All this, of course, builds something – it was always Bones.The approach to facilitate the MOB Psycho 100 season, and this one is not different.Giant broccoli will clearly be in the heart of the first large curve of the season – maybe next week – which means that Ekuba is also because he became interested in large -sized vegetables.More holes are always a good thing, but like the bizarre and based on the characters of EPS, from which we started the season – I hope that we will not leave them completely in the rearview mirror until the end of the series.