MOB Psycho 100 III – 03

「調子 に ~ ~ ~ ~ 100%~」 (choushininor ~ hyaku Paasento ~)

“Estating ~ 100%~”

It was a great start to the third season of MOB Psycho 100, as you might have expected.There is no noticeable decline on the production side (at least I see this), which seems to dispel all fears related to changing the title of Tachikawa Yuzuru.But one thing that was mostly missing is ekibo.This series works at so many levels that it can easily cope with the absences of the character (as evidenced by the star and from this week without reigen).Despite this, Dimple is quite good, and Ohtsuka Akio is one of the best Seiyuu in the world.What’s more, this is a figure that fills the key and unique niche in the dynamics of the MOB Psycho character.

That is why the return of Ekibo to publicity this week – as it was irritated last week – is so welcome.Everything is related to these giant broccoli.and Psychohełm religion.The latter is of course something that Dimple is quite deeply entangled, but he intends to use the developing situation in the city in his favor.And not only Dimple wants MOB to take over the role of the “founder” of psycho helmets-Mezato-san also does it, although for slightly different reasons.

Mezato is not the only girl who gives a little.Watch out for a mob at school.He succeeds in rare interaction with Tsubome-chan, saving it after he has a problem with lubricants.Tome-san is also forever interested in mobs and has plans for the weekend with him.It seems-in any case to mob-as if suddenly popular (and Emi-chan also strengthens this perception).The mafia feels how the girls’ eyes turn to him when they pass him, and (imagine that he can) hear their whispers about him.Although this view is alien, MOB, as you can expect, rather likes this feeling – regardless of whether it is based on reality or not.

I am not entirely sure in this matter.It was obvious when Mob was walking from Ritsu, who the actual object of glances and whispers was, but I also had the impression that something was going on here – MOB seemed to attract many feminine interest in his own way.It’s funny, watch the mobs have a swollen head, well, for anything.Ego seems to somehow completely opposed to its nature.Reigen is diplomatic enough not to break through the boy’s balloon, even though he clearly believes that it is all fantasy, but Ekibo is nothing if not completely non -graduate.And the mob did not like that his tires were drained from the air – it was as if his eyes said “Why can’t you close yourself and let me enjoy the moment, you stupid green klelo?”

The relationship between Mob and Dimpl has always been complicated.MOB has never forgotten what the hole really was (and is) and the hole is always cynical.But there is a real feeling between the two, there is no doubt about it.I think Ekibo really wants MOB to voluntarily connect with him and take over the psycho helmets – apparently because it is the easiest way for him, but also because he just wants it.But ego or not, what Ekibo asks about is really contrary to the nature of Moba.From his perspective, you can’t start.

To say, the height of the ego of MOBA prompts him to surrender to the call of the Mezato-San to take part in the “interrogation” of the Internet religion as a new founder.Reigen initially warns Shigeo, but when he sees the potential for generating revenues, he quickly changes the melody.It even gives mob 5,000 shopping for a new wear outfit.My immediate reaction was that Reigen was a bit blunt, not going with the mafia to spend this money – is this a boy you trust when it comes to choosing clothes?Fortunately, he falls on Terkie – although the evidence suggests that despite everything the meeting may not be accidental.

However, the refusal of MOBA combined gave Ekibo green light to take matters into your own hands.He plays with a telephone system (probably a product of this mental power that he sucking from broccoli), so the mafia cannot communicate with Mesato and join it at the interrogation.And he manages to appear as a candidate – although I am not sure exactly, and exactly what was on the podium.Dimple has a way to release larger forces than he understands, and I suspect that this last whim will be another example of this.