MOB Psycho 100 III – 2 [Yokai Hunter Amakus Haruaki appears!~ The Threat of a Hundred Demons !! ~]

Hello everyone and welcome to the premiere program of the season, MOB Psycho 100 III!Some people may have a problem with this, taking into account other big hits, but this is my post, not them, so they can suck it.Enough of competition, let’s get to the right episode!

From the very beginning, MOB Psycho is still one of the best -looking programs in the season.The colors are bright and saturated, expressive characters, dynamic movement.There is no computer background or crowds, just hand -drawn goodness.Sure, it is not refined and perfect.The lines are not neat and clean.But there is a clearly human element that I love.To paraphrase Kvin, who often expresses the same feelings as me, but with better words, it is in a sense appealing and really suits what Mob Pyscho is striving for.Combine it with the wide use of eye -catching and this is one of the most visually addictive materials I watched this season.You can discuss expressive and refined visualizations to it yourself or timeless minimalism Time Machine Blue.But for me?Mob Psycho is where it is.

Going to the episode itself, it was above all a good fun with some configuration for what is to come.The only thing that really had narrative significance was the mafia, which was slowly becoming more and more independent.What I mean?Well, from 2 seasons MOB largely depended on others.Reigen, Ritsu, Dimple, Body improvement club.He tries his way to develop, but it was a slow process.However, in this episode we see how he solves the problem himself!And this is not some great problem of mental monsters that only he can solve, we have already done it, are easy.I mean the problem that MOB always struggled with: personal.We see how not only pushes away from most, lazy ghost costumes from the sheet, but returns, speaks and implements his own idea.And at the end?He and his classmates are rewarded.Emotionally.

As for the adventure itself, it was a fairly standard exorcism.The customer comes, has some shtick (in this case Yokai), and then Reigen and the company solve the problem by distributing several jokes.And the jokes were quite fun!Reigen extorts money, explaining that money is not everything, the voice of the Yokai hunter breaks down when he tries to make him deep and impressive, as he broke the figure in the middle of his history of the scroll, etc. It is not only a physical slapstick comedy, but vocals and alsovisual.Not all of course hit.Shtick “4 Demon Generals and the Yokai King” was expected and really served to look good.After 2 seasons, MOB Psycho and 2 seasons One Punch Man, you start to expect this trick.I hope that it will remain only a grip, because I can’t wait for the antagonists of this season.

It was nice, however, that during this adventure we began to see how everyone was starting to move a little forward.I have already commented on MOB, but we also see it in Serizawa and Reigen.For the former, it is quite simple.He wants to go back to school, go back to life where he interrupted before he was closed.I hope that we will see the fruits of this work this season, although I think so because it will be introduced so early.Meanwhile, on the side of Reigen, he tries to find out what to do with his business.What will he do when Mob finishes school, or if Serizawa goes on?How does he sell it when they slowly deal with all ghosts and ghosts in the area?Again, I can’t wait to see what Mob Psycho is doing with this configuration.

Finally, we have to talk about the greater history of this season and the tips that Mob Psycho leaves us.Namely: a tree.At this point, it is a fairly obvious elephant in the room, because it floats above the city in almost every external wide approach.And we begin to see its influence on the city when its roots spread and the ghosts begin to appear again in places where MOB and Reigen have previously exorcised.Of course, the question arises: why?What does this tree do?How does it do it?What does it mean?Are things like King Yokai only precursors of some greater, unintentional recall?Or maybe he just accumulates mental energy and transforms like an egg?Only time will say.Personally?I really can’t wait to find out.

So yes, in case it wasn’t obvious, I really liked this episode of Mob Psycho.It seems to me that it has been ages since I have such fun with anime.Of course, I liked the other things that I watched, and some of them moved me deeply, such as Welcome to the NHK.But Mob Psycho is one in which I just … I feel happy watching it.I don’t know if it’s because I love heroes as much as me or because of some subconscious attachment, I don’t know!But this is easily a thing I wait for every week, even outside his and her circumstances or golden Kamuy.I hope it will meet these expectations.