Mob Psycho 100 III – 3 [Getting Carried Away ~ 100%~]

Hello everyone and welcome to MOB Psycho 100 again, the best program of the season!This week it is a fairly tame episode, but even a tame episode of MOB Psycho is still one of the most solid things to broadcast.You do not believe me?Well, let’s jump and see if I will not be able to convince you until the end of this post.

First of all, what do I mean by “tame”?There were simply no “big” moments.No presentation of the great Sakuga, no fight, nothing that we could indicate and say “it looked amazing.”Instead, we received simple, solid coherence.Everything from small acting scenes to expressive body language and engaging visual metaphors.Things that go aside in many series, because who will notice it, right?But Mob Psycho is known for both its amazing ups and consistently solid “holes”.So now that we saw this solid “low” when we can expect a peak?And remember, I say low, but it is still much above the average for television anime.Returning to the top, from what I read, we know that Hakuyu him, from fame from season 2, episode 5, works mainly on episode 8. So expect it to be huge.

Getting to the episode itself, MOB Psycho continues to prepare and prepare for what is to come.This episode concerns the development of a divine tree as a McGUFFIN conspiracy.And what about the way it accumulates divine/mental power and is hungry by everyone around, it is quite important.Even Dimple is looking for confusion, except that he steals some power here and there and looks like a super saiyan.And I think Mob Psycho did a good job.Not only did we see his roots throughout the city, but now we also know that everyone else is, at least to some extent, aware of its power.What’s more, this episode also establishes collective faith, basically a prayer as a justified source of power.This, of course, makes you wonder: who has or will take over this power?

But what about mob, how is he involved in all this?Well, it’s simple: this whole iconic Psycho Helmet thing, combined with everything, which has gone through and did in the last two seasons, gave him a big head.At a certain level it is good!MOB begins to gain confidence for the first time, which he has been missing for some time.But with this confidence there is also a layer of conceit, something that MOB has not experienced or learned to manage.We see it in how he manifests as yog! Mob, with sculpted features and a split chin.Everything in him, from personality to visualizations, changes completely.Although it is repulsive … I like it a bit.This is a great visual GAG, and the way Mob Psycho changes between them from time to time is fantastic.

What’s interesting in Chad!MOB is, however, the reaction of the rest of the cast, because of course they are. “I noticed.Some, like Dimple, tried to help.They pointed out that he only imagined things, not everyone was talking about him, and in the case of Reigan he behaved like a slightly conceited cock.But in both cases none of them really came out and did not call him.It was for Dimple because he wanted to convince Mob to join him in this iconic case.But Reigan was dispersed by money.What undoubtedly makes it misleading for MOBA is the way other characters, such as Terr and Ritsu, encourage such behavior.Either because they themselves are conceited, Tero, or they believe that MOB deserves so -called attention, Ritsu.In the face of a growing personality conflict and seemingly selected pages from the cast, where will he lead it?

Well, if you ask me, the answer is obvious.Do you remember the false MOBA we saw at the end of the episode?The one consisting of a divine tree creepers that looked exactly like a mob?I think it will act as a physical manifestation of the growing arrogance of MOBA and that MOB will be forced to face it.Regardless of whether he accepts it as part of himself or deny that he is in the air.But I suspect that this will become a kind of personal conversation, MOB is a mob, conducted by breaking each other in shit with the help of mental power.You know, classic Shounen communication strategy!And of course, we don’t know yet why this false mob or what he can do.But I suspect that for the first time we will taste in the Great Sakuga next week if you catch my drift.

Anyway, it was a pretty good episode of Mob Psycho.Once again it was quite tame.Mob Psycho is still blue when it comes to large animated scenes.But at least for me the narrative is addictive enough to make it not matter, and the animation, which we receive in the form of acting of characters and visual metaphors, is so interesting that it does not bother me.To say, I can’t say how much I can’t wait for next week, because I think everything will start.Everything is ready, the “villain” was introduced, the paths were set up and now it remains only to press “him”.I hope you are as excited as I do.