MOB Psycho 100 III-episodes 1-3

Three episodes opening the third season do a fantastic job, reminding us of why MOB and his psychic (and neighbors) brothers are so loved.It is a kaleidoscopic combination of wonderful characters, sensitive writing, dazzling animation and – which perhaps the most important – a sense of liberation.MP100 feels like an anime that can try everything and do it with confidence.If you like psychedelic spirits with ghosts, the second episode includes the Yokai Ragrav gallery, which you can see how you exorcise yourself in oblivion.If you like the relevant social comments, the last part of the premiere neatly wins anxiety of several characters into a thoughtful and touching ending.And if you just want to see MOBA’s cosplay as a gigaczada with incredibly jaws, then God will merge over your soul, but the third episode has what you want.

MOB Psycho 100 is as good as before, thanks to the extremely talented creative team, which remains more or less coherent at all times – of course with inevitable changes that may occur within six years. In the most striking fate this season, Takahiro Hasui becomes a director, while Yuzuru Tachikawa, the head of the first two seasons, remains the main director (the position usually reserved for a larger number of supervisory roles). Although it may seem terrifying, it makes sense. Tachikawa has a film blue giant in February, so I’m sure it consumes his time. In the meantime, Hasui is not alien to mobs, because he directed the sixth episode of last season, in addition to the subtitles on Carole & Tuesday and SK8 The Infinity. And all the fears I could have in connection with this change of staff were completely dispelled by how much I liked this season, so I don’t think there was any doubt that the anime remains in good, skillful hands.

On the peripheral side, both new OP and ED make a discouraging feat, matching their predecessors.Maybe I like the OP of the three we received the most;It perfectly combines the now required free form of psychedelia with more moody abstractions that match this last season, because MOBA’s youthful struggles probably reach their peak.In the case of Ed Miyo Sato returns with its unique and charming animation painted on glass, reflecting her ED from the first season focused on Reigen with quiet observation of the morning MOBA routine.The best openings and endings of anime are always more than the sum of their parts.They give the creators the opportunity to move away from the shackles of narrative stories and create 90 seconds of art by large A. In this respect, MP100 beats a thousand.

This spirit of creative abstraction permeates every element of the philosophy of the MOB Psycho 100 animation, and the combination of freedom and passion remains for me the quintessence of the series.MOB would simply not be a mob if it did not allow his animators to go crazy in every scenario, large and small.Bright, mental battles are a colorful cornerstone of the series, but I am often delighted with how many characters can be instilled in the most mundane interactions.This week, the animators turn the sneezing Tsubomi in the wrong time into a hilarious presentation of her darkest, smallest fears, steeped in rainbow grease.And Reigen would not be so popular if he was not as often drawn as a character from Looney Tunes.He is a fraud with plasticity of the face like a stupid putty, and everyone wants to jump on his bones online.This is what fairy tales are about.

This program is also important to me in a more general sense, because it represents one of the few valuable bastions of transformation adaptation philosophy that remained in this industry. Loud adaptations have the impression that they are becoming safer in pursuing fans’ satisfaction and attracting novices. There is nothing wrong with this, but in short, one of my favorite anime is the Flowers of Evil version by Hiroshi Nagahama. So let’s hope you understand where I come from. In many respects, MOB is an ideal series with which you can get as much weirdness as possible. The harsh artistic style they move and pops up with character, so animated adaptation only makes sense to adapt the spirit of these drawings, if not from time to time also the letter. In my ideal world, all adaptations would put vibrations and spirit in front of visual loyalty and consistency first. But I suppose I don’t have to waste time for longing for the perfect world, when the mafia blows my hair back every week.

Now I realize that I almost didn’t talk about this story.UPS.But we are still at an early stage of this arch and I think that these episodes have helped viewers return to the lives of these characters.I love the low rates of small attacks of Moba’s anxiety before choosing a career and I love Reigen’s instinct to irritate, but I finally assure you that he will have a lot of time and space to shape his own path.Their strange coincidence, but completely authentic friendship remains the basis and the best part of the series.I also like the way the episode of this week contains a long joke about the fact that MOB finally enters puberty and, in the last scene, gradually turns the situation into something much more disturbing.While MP100 works really well as a comedy flowing from the bottom of the heart, its survival force lies in the ambition of doing and speaking more.

For now, it seems to me that I have nothing more to say out of yes, it’s more mafia!This is one of the best anime of the last decade and we are lucky that we can see how it looks as confident and as always.


MOB Psycho 100 III is currently broadcast to Crunchyroll.

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