MOB Psycho 100 III reveals the announcement of episode 2

MOB Psycho 100 III premiered last week, and now the announcement of the second episode is here.The second episode of the last season will be broadcast on Wednesday, October 12.Crunchyroll broadcasts anime.

MOB Psycho 100 III Episode 2 – photo preview

The official website describes the plot of the episode:

The crowd is busy with preparations for the cultural festival in two weeks.On the other hand, Serizawa made a decision and plans to attend the evening school.At the same time a man appears in the spiritual clinic.There is Haruaki Amakus, a self -proclaimed Yokai hunter.He asks for help in defeating demons that are lurking in this world.Reigen feels that the man’s appearance and the content of his story are suspicious, but when he hears the amount of the prize offered by Amakus, he is excited and decides to set off with him in his pursuit of the extermination of demons.Reigen and his friends are skeptical, but when they reach an abandoned building, a powerful Yokai appears …!

Season 3 MOB Psycho 100 is directed by Takahiro Hasui and animated by Studio Bones.Hiroshi Seko is responsible for the composition of the series, and Yoshimichi Camera again deals with character designs.Kenji Kawai composes music.According to the president of the Bones studio, Masahiko Minami, this season will not contain CGI and will be completely drawn by hand.The following songs are “1” (opening) and “Cobalt” MOB Choir.


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