MOB Psycho 100 III reveals the announcement of episode 3

MOB Psycho 100 III revealed the announcement of episode 3, which will be broadcast on Wednesday, October 19.Crunchyroll broadcasts anime in English.The official website describes the plot “Getting Carried Away ~ 100%~” as:

Mob is in a good mood after talking to Tsubomi for the first time in some time.Even when he walks down the street, the girls stare at him.He thinks he finally achieved his age of popularity …!?On the other hand, Ekibo has disappeared, and Reigen, who notices the number of members of the Psychohełm cult, encourages MOBA to go to the city from Terr to buy a suit.After finishing shopping, MOB goes to the appointment with the territory and others, but they both do not appear at the agreed time.When Mob is waiting in vain, on the stage in Shinj, which is full of people, Psycho Helmet suddenly appears.

MOB Psycho 100 III Episode 3 – Picture preview

Season 3 MOB Psycho 100 is directed by Takahiro Hasui and animated by Studio Bones.Hiroshi Seko is responsible for the composition of the series, and Yoshimichi Camera again deals with character designs.Kenji Kawai composes music.According to the president of the Bones studio, Masahiko Minami, this season will not contain CGI and will be completely drawn by hand.The following songs are “1” (opening) and “Cobalt” MOB Choir.

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