Mob Psycho 100, the main actor of the voice, Setsuo Ito, flies to the anime nyc

MOB Psycho 100, the main actor of the voice, Setsuo Ito, goes to the anime nyc

, Joseph mirrors on October 13, 2022

Another honorary guest of this year’s Anime NYC was announced and this time the main actor in the anime Mob Psycho 100 TV.Setsuo Ito lends the voice of Shigeo “Mob” Kageyama himself, and he will be at hand to celebrate the last season of the whole weekend.

Here’s what the director of the anime NYC show Peter Tatar had to say about the add -on:

“We are honored to welcome Setsuo Ito in the anime NYC … We are glad that we can welcome the voice of Moba himself during the third season of the anime and we know fans throughout New York and around the United States will be equally excited about this rare opportunity to get to know him.”

Here is the description of the series itself:

Anime MOB Psycho 100 is based on a Japanese comic, the same name of the creator One, who was published in 2012-2017.He tells the story of a powerful school medium that releases great power when his emotions grow and the world of enemies, evil spirits and mysterious organizations.It has over 1.2 million copies in printing and won the Shogakukan Manga Award in 2017.The adaptation of the anime MOB Psycho 100 began in 2016 and met with great recognition of fans, critics and media in both the USA and Japan: MOB Psycho 100 was the jury recommended works at the Japan Media Arts Festival in 2017 and, among others, anime newsNetwork, IGN and Polygon recognized MOB Psycho 100 as one of the best anime 2010.The broadcast of the third season of MOB Psycho 100 began on October 5 this year.

Anime NYC will take place at the Javits Center in New York on November 18-20.

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