Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch from Mercury Episode 2: A defiant Miorine Has Her

Episode 2 Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch from Mercury is an effective combination of motives and changes from previous episodes.Serious political intrigues and technological issues from the prologue begin to cross with student competition and duels for cell phones from episode 1, and immediate and future consequences for characters are strongly felt as the episode develops.In general, “The Cursed Mobile Suit” works great, sowing a grain of subsequent conflicts at Asticassia school, between various business interests and on a more personal front between Miorine and her father Delling.At the same time, it also introduces the obligatory for this particular series ”

Chara’s clone

“, Which is obliged to shake even more.At the end of the episode, it seems that the table is almost covered, and now we are ready for the first courses.

Until now, the witch from Mercury has established two basic settings – the political and world of the business of adult characters and the academic world of their children – and the “cursed mobile overalls” clearly shows that the apple does not fall far from the tree.The episode spends a lot of time studying the ordering order of Asticassia School students, who, as we can see, are as petition and competitive as members of the Delling’s business conglomerate.Students measure their value based on the corporations with which they are associated, and we also learn that there is a sharp, injury to the division between those from the earth and those from space.The scene in the cafeteria is in this respect a unique moment, with a tense dispute between Niki’s friends and the click of “Spanish” students, emphasizing how much students value influence, influence, upbringing and origin of a person.

Gundam mobile outfit: a witch from Mercury – episode 2, “Cursed mobile overalls”

Meanwhile, in the world of adult, Delling and his business partners are struggling with the consequences of the Suletta duel and realizing that Gundam – a technically illegal mobile overalls, according to an important treaty – suddenly appeared.Delling is just as offended by technology as always, and his colleagues are similarly concerned, insisting on the confiscation of the machine.At the same time, they wonder how such a mobile overalls can exist at all and how Suletta lives after its launch, considering what we saw, how prototypes do test pilots in the prologue.When Delling finds out that Aerial Gundam Suletta is registered in the Shin Sei Development Corporation corporation from Mercury, one of the smallest companies in the conglomerate, immediately organizes an investigation.At this point, we meet a mysterious masked woman named Lady Prosper, President Shin Sei and the alleged creator Aerial.

Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch from Mercury – Episode 2, “The Cursed Mobile Suit”

After more than 40 years, Gundam, the conclusion is that each new series will present a masked character in accordance with the tradition of Char Aznable, but Lady Prosper already feels a much greater variation on this subject than any other “Khara clone” in front of her.For the first time in the long history of the series, the masked character is a woman and is not a hostile pilot or a soldier, but it seems to be an engineer and a businesswoman working for Suletta and in direct opposition to Delling and his conglomerate.However, what shares with his spiritual predecessors is self -confidence and assertiveness, which immediately arouse respect, and her conversations with delling during investigation significantly confirm this.

The episode also communicates, and simply that Lady Prosper is almost certainly the mother of Suletta, Elnor, whom we saw in the prologue: the voice of both characters says Mamiko Noto and both have exactly the same type of prosthesis of their right arm.Although it could be fun if the scriptwriters maintained this combination secretly, at least for several episodes, it is ultimately very small.We still do not know how its air technology relates to Gundams from the prologue, and her motivations, history and goals are unclear, so there are many unresolved secrets around this character that intrigue us.And assuming that Lady Prosper is the mother of Suletta, there are still many unanswered questions about what happened to both characters in the years between the prologue and now.To start with, how exactly Ericht Samaya became the Mercury Suletta and did her mother participate in this?

In the middle of all this is Miiorine, who acts as a kind of bridge between the world of students and adults. Because Suletta is largely absent this time because she was detained and examined for using Gundam in her duel with Guel, Miiorine receives most of the character development, and the episode convincingly fills many of her stories. Apparently, her father Delling had a great influence on every aspect of her life, from the school she attends, to the hobby in which she can participate, and her frustration begins to cook. In the last act of the episode he takes a big step to oppose his father, interrupting his investigation and undermining his authority face to face. Her steps in slow motion, when she enters the room and her steps echo echo among the stunned silence of the members of the conglomerate, making this moment much more powerful. Despite this, when Delling sits high above the trial and dominates over Miiorine, visually strengthened by shots for Delling and shots at a large angle for Miiorine, the stage does a fantastic job, emphasizing the current imbalance between the parent and daughter.

Gundam mobile outfit: a witch from Mercury – episode 2, “Cursed mobile overalls”

This is a brave and tension confrontation, and taking into account what we already know about delling, it significantly increases the stake of the Miiorine situation.But this moment also suggests that the main conflicts in this series will not be traditional wars “Earth versus space” from previous Gundam programs, but rather “old versus young”.It would not be an unexpected development of events, considering that the chief screenwriter Ichiro Okouchi also worked on the Revolutionary Girl Utena and Code Geass, both of which dealt with the topics of generational conflict and new ideas that overthrow stagnation, older cleaning.And although the original creator of Gundam, Yoshiyuki Tomino, is not directly related to The Witch from Mercury, the series is already starting to embody his famous claim that “adults are an enemy” because of their myopia and inability to think outside of themselves.

The episode ends with a cliff, which prepares the action of the next part: Suletta will manage the aerial in the next duel, and if it loses, it will be expelled from Asticassia and the aerial will be scrapped.Although this is a foregone conclusion that this worst scenario will not occur, a more interesting trailer appears after the subtitles, because we see a fast -fast mobile suit in some simulated (or real?) Fight scenario, completely decimating two other mechs.Although this is an immediate reference to the ace legacy of Char Aznable in red mobile overalls, the lack of context means that the pilot of this new machine, its belonging and full capabilities are unknown at this point.But this trailer may appeal to one of the biggest advantages of Witch from Mercury to date: he honors some of the most common traditions of Gundam, while making them feel fresh and others.

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