Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch From Mercury, Episode 4: Failure of Cup

We finished with a pretty good cliff, but the episode focused on something more important.

As someone predicted last week, Suletta immediately rejected his proposal after he returned to reality.Then we joined our heroines in the class when Miorine improved the Suletta outfit for the owner/fiance’s outfit.Because some gossippers wanted to have information about Suletta and Guel, the boy appeared to keep the contract.Remember that the Suletta factory was that he apologized to me for what he did in episode 1. Then he ran out of the symbolic commentary of the character Tsundere Harem.He had another scene continuing the story with Daddy, but that’s all.

By the way.So far my dearest sister was wondering who was higher.It’s Suletta.

Before the Miorine and Chuch resit examination, they were interesting.

Chuchu: So you have a princess to help you, huh?Why did you come to our house and then a cosmic bastard?

Miiorine: You call cosmic animals like we are all scum.This is no different from real racist space peeps.

Really good things.