Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witcher from Mercury – Episode 4

Jokes to the side, it was a pleasant episode of G-Witch, which slows down the plot and intrigues to finally start creating a secondary cast.The first large faction that was in the center of attention is the earthly house with which Suletta quickly makes friends in its inept way.Interestingly, in the school scenery it is that although it is a microcosm of political conflicts in this world, children are not so attached to their belonging to refuse friendship with people from their foreign group.At this point, no one thinks about the growing bonds of Suletta with Earthlings as a wider alliance between Earth and Mercury, although Prosper’s ambitions from previous episodes certainly announce a possible return in this direction.

The puff, with her funny hair and the attitude of Tsundere, was definitely the star of this episode.He warms up to Suletta among Earthlings, but it may turn out to be one of her most ardent allies, taking into account how at the climax he a blow on behalf of Suletta.What distinguishes me is the reason why she changed his mind about the newcomer;This is not because of her strength, but rather her weaknesses.When Suletta begins to shout and say that he wants to give up, he unintentionally reveals that he is not a person who wants to dominate the school.This moment intensifies the voice acting of Kany Ichinose, who purely carelessly portrays Suletta’s tears.

There are not many actions in this episode;We mainly see how Mobile Suits walks and stumbles on land mines as part of a regular school exam.However, this did not bother me too much.It is actually interesting to observe how Mobile Suits is used for various tasks outside the conventional fight.To be honest, the biggest disappointment of this episode may be how quickly he rejected the proposal of Jeturka at the beginning.Not only that she immediately goes back, but in subsequent scenes she still behaves stubborn and proud, but slightly softening.Although I did not necessarily expect him that he would do eighty in terms of his personality, it makes his proposal be invalid in retrospect.

Generally, however, I don’t have many reason to complain about this program.In general, breathability works in his favor.It’s a good way to take care of both school life and politics.If I care about these freaks so much, this program will absolutely kick my ass.Please do not let these children suffer too much.


Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch from Mercury is currently broadcast to Crunchyroll.