More beautiful life: Kevin suspected of a mistake, Babeth came back … what awaits you this week

Kevin suspected of making a police mistake.Sakaren reveals to Boer that Léa is in danger.Babeth returns to Mistral.Unfaithful Patrick?Noah not at Betty’s pregnancy level.Killian leaves.Find out what awaits you in Plus Belle La Vie from Monday, October 24 to Friday, October 28.

Summary of episodes from 4645 to 4649 more beautiful life.




that he would leave his family cocoon.After obtaining the consent of the mother, the young man visits the roommate, where he sees the spirit of the Father everywhere.He announces that there is danger above him … the same evening

The policeman uses his weapon

And seriously hurts a man whom he accuses him of shooting him.But the scientific police report is formal: his victim never had a weapon in her hands.Fortunately, Kevin can count on Alexandra’s support, but also to support




who want to clean it.



makes Jean-Paul understand that


It is probably in danger and that it may have something to do with Kevin.Goes to Patrick, who calls to


.The latter reveals to him that Léa has a relapse and was placed in a different service.Babeth returns to Mistral.He wants to surprise Patrick, but he discovers heels and lace panties on the floor …

More beautiful life (spoilers): Killian leaves Mistral!




that she is pregnant.The teenager is shocked, then asks about abortion.But a young woman is slowly beginning to imagine herself with a round belly.He asks his mother about motherhood.Accessible by playing cards, noé leaves a visit to a gynecologist.


is the worst.He can’t throw Betty out of his head.Opening the box he left him


, a teenager understands that a departure can calm him down.That is why he decides to write a letter to Betty and leaves Mistral.