Mori Calliope announces the first big album of Sinderella in the December release

Mori Calliope

Major, Sinderella, who premiered is scheduled for December 16, with Hololive English-Myth-myth.The album will contain 10 songs with one additional song.

At the beginning Mori wanted the subject of the album to be seven main sins.However, she felt that the album should contain 10 songs.Therefore, she wrote additional three songs

About matters for which she feels guilty

in the past.

Currently, three versions of the album are available for pre -sale.The standard edition contains a CD with an album and Blu-ray with music videos for her Shinigami Note album, including Capsule, Mera Mera, Kamouflage, Make ‘Em Africid, Holy Shitto and Let’s End the World.Blu-ray will also contain the “Behind the Music” segment for Sinderelli.The cover was drawn by


, which also drew an illustration for the 2D Mori live model.

The limited version is available through the official international Mori Calliope and Universal Music Store.

, T-shirt and brochure “Dead beat magazines”.The limited edition of the first edition will contain a case with alternative graphics by


, one of the four original cards and the “Dead Beat Scriptures” brochure, in addition to what the standard release offers.

Hololive English-Myth-, also known as Holomith, is the first wave of the English language of the agency.The group debuted in September 2020, and next to the detective, four figures inspired by mythological creatures appeared.In April, Mori Calliope signed a contract with Universal Music.Recently, the group released the original song “Non-Fiction” to celebrate their second anniversary.


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