Mori Calliope from Hololive releases the first big album on December 16 around the world

Pre -release orders for “Sinderella” are open

The album’s concept is “Ten main sins”, and each of the ten songs is based on a different sin.Mori Calliope commented: “He sings and sins.A princess who leads a double life … Sinderella.However attractive it may seem, her real is far from ideal.This album is her story. ”

Limited editions of First Run will contain a case with the graphics of the popular artist Yukisame, who also provided graphics to the first extended album (EP) Mori Calliope “Shinigami Note”.The high case shows the graphics of the popular artist from Instagram, Yulia.

Limited editions of First Run will also include in the “Dead Beat Bible” (brochure) packaging, as well as one random original “Sinderella” card from four types.

Regular editions contain the cover of the rei artist, which also provided the cover for the previous edition of Mori Calliope “Unalive”.Shopping via Animate International will also include the B4 Clear poster.

Mori Calliope made her debut as part of Hololive English Branch in September 2020.She made her debut at the Major label under the ethics of Universal Music Emi Records, publishing her first EP “Shinigami Note” in July.He is the first Hololive English talent that debuted in a large label.

Source: Press information