Motherland Fort Salem Season 3: End explanation!

Discover the explanation of the end of the third season of the Netherlands Fort Salem!Spoilers!

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Explanation of the end of season 3

, read on!Motherland witches: Fort Salem sang their last song, and the world literally will never be the same again.

When the alder traveled around the world, frantically looking for the last piece of the first song, witches from Fort Salem defended their home against Camarilla.Family scene?Of course, although this battle had a much happier ending than the one that was the final of the last season.To find out everything you need to know about the premiere of season 4, read it.

This does not mean that this battle was only happiness.We are sorry to inform you that Anacostia Quartermain died on duty, saving everyone from the flickering truck.Here

Explanation of the finals of the 3rd Season Fort Salem in the Fatherland!

Explanation of the finals season 3 in Fort Salem Fatherland

Season 3 final in Fort Salem in the homeland

Finally, he contained the long -awaited battle between witches and Camarilla.But was it a battle that everyone was thinking about?Instead of separating Tally, Abigail, Raelle and Scylla in the last hour,

Homeland: Fort Salem

He keeps the unit together.However, not everyone is safe for a long time.

It would not be a war without victims and unfortunately

The final of the third season of the native fort Salem

Anacostia died in the fire of the fight, saving friends from a flying truck in the last moments.Otherwise, all others survived the war, although Raelle, Scylla and Adil are not in the best shape.

But the last important event takes place in the mycelium.Although this will help the group to recover, it is also a place in the Tally vision, in which the Witcher bomb Raelle destroyed the world.

When the first song is finally sung and spread all over the world by the Raelle bomb, the mycelium also treats Raelle, Scylla and Adila.Another result of his work is that Tally regains his eyes, which allows her to see the glow of the first song appearing around the world.

The first Canto gave magic to everyone, turning everyone into a witch.However, this is not the only change.Abigail, Raelle and Tally will be known as goddesses.

In addition, the two most important members of Camarilli die after spending most of the final in isolation from the unit and other main witches.Although Scylla and Adil do not have


As wonderful as Raelle, Tally and Abigail, it is understandable that they played a significant role in the events of the series and had a happy ending because of their double wedding.

Open and happy ending of season 3 of the native Salem Fort

He suggests that work has just begun when the world has radically changed.However, “Revolution Part 2” also shows the importance of Unity unity and the way it can help build a better future.