Mou IPPON!Releases Key Visual, the second PV trailer and an additional vocal cast

The new Key Visual and the second PV trailer were released for the upcoming Mou IPPON!Anime judo series.Its premiere is scheduled for January 2023.

Additional voice members were also added to the anime, including Anna Nagase as Tsumugi Himeno and Yumi Uchiyama as Shino Natsume.They join Ayas Itou as Michi Sonoda, Yukari Anzai as Sanae Takiegawa, Chiyuki Miury as the Tow Hiura and Nene Hiedy as Anna Nagumo.

© 村岡ユウ (秋田 書店) / もう いっぽん!! 製作 委員会

Takeeru OgiWARA (director of the photo The Perfect Insider) directs Mou IPPON!Anime series.Aya Satsuki (My Master Has No Tail) writes the script, Airi Takekawa (key animator Waccha Primagi!) He deals with character designs and the main director of animation, and Shun Narita (Noblesse) composes music.Bakken Record is responsible for the production of animation.

The original manga Yu Muraoka was first presented in Akiita Shoten’s Weekly Shounen Champion on October 18, 2018 under the banner of Shounen Champion Comics.By October 2022, 20 volumes of Tankoubon were published.

Anime News Network describes the Mang series as:

Manga follows Michi Sonoda, who planned to give up judo after her last tournament in junior high school until her best friend Sanae Takygawa invited her to continue judo in high school.


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