My Hero Acadekaren Season 6 – Episode 117

I do not know how many people remember it, but in 2015 a modern USHIO & Tora remake was created.I will not get into too many details, but in the final phase of the series, the main conflict concerned the prevention of the waking up of the final evil of the series, closed at the bottom of the ocean and the sow of unspeakable destruction in the world.This is not the first series of Shonen, in which this kind of hook was used, but I was always distinguished by how much fear was built into the revival of the villain, to the extent that the adaptation devoted the whole episode to only woke up and having each character shaped with terror, How did this happen.This is probably my favorite episode of the series, just because he sold a sense of uncompromising danger, which was represented by every other person in history.

I mention this because although we are not at this level of terror yet, this episode was definitely close to points, with a damn hero on the stage fighting teeth and claws (and not only, in the case of Mirko) to stop Shigigraki from getting out of getting out ofThis great, bad scientific tube.We, the audience, know first hand that Shigraki was able (literally) to turn the city into a crater, and it was before it began to pump the entire army of superpower into it.If he joins the battle, even if the heroes manage to win, countless innocent people will die earlier.And this tension is the driving force of most of this section.

This is important because after we focused on Twice and Hawks last week, now we are again moving to a larger battle on two fronts, and things become busy enough to feel confused if there were something that focuses attention.First of all, we are strangely starting the episode from the perspective of Tokoyami, who mentions his training with Hawks before he probably sees the events of last week.This goes well enough into a confrontation between Dabi and Hawks, but it is a strange choice when everything is later completely disconnected from this side of the war and we will never see Tokoy again.Almost certainly at some point it will return, but it is a good indicator that the scale and span of the action of this arch becomes uncomfortable for the episodic format.

Fortunately, the rest of the “heritage” holds us at the moment, bringing us back to the fight of professional heroes from Nomu and God, or it gets brutal. Mha’s favorite way to illustrate wickedness has always been the heroes fighting through the excruciating injury, and this can be fully visible in the case of the Mirko brutal rabbit. At a purely destructive level in this series there were worse injuries, but because of unpleasant pain, I think that the exposed muscles of Mirko’s legs are more instinctive than the deck turning their hands into jellies. To be honest, it would be too much for me – at least in the context of this program – if all this did not look so good, with this fight with a lot of sharp, liquid animations cuts, which really sell speed and power behind Mirko kicks, providing the first in History of a shock frame created exclusively for perverts. This is great, I say so, and shows that our heroes do not stop anything to stop Shigigraki’s return. This attack puts everything at a scarf, and that means everything.

Of course, this would not be a great story if the greatest villain could never do anything, so while all these efforts prematurely push the symbol of destruction from his cocoon, Shigigraki still does it back to the world of the living and will soon have much less company.The sequence in his head through all this is Tripowa, but the most directly tells us that Shigraki fully accepted his role in all this, shaking his hands that preceded him earlier, preparing to destroy the world that rejected him.It is a chilling cliff in which you can end, and an ideal punctuation that heralds this war that will turn against our heroes.


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