My Hero Acadekaren Season 6 Episode 2 proved something important

My Hero Acadekaren Season 6 Episode 2 was broadcast on Saturday, giving us a full of action, an electrifying episode.Only two episodes in the autumn 2022 season, My Hero Acadekaren Season 6 already shows everything that is possible to be an early claimant for “Anime of the Season”.In this way, My Hero Acadekaren Season 6 proved something important in episode 2 – that this series has a phenomenal depth of side characters.After the crazy premiere of the series, My Hero Acadekaren Season 6 kept the ball in progress episode 2.

Mirko, hero No. 5

There is no surprise why episode 2 was entitled “Mirko, The No.5 Hero, “because my oh, took the spotlight and escaped with him.And the best part is that there was not a single problem associated with its part of the episode.The animation looked fantastic (again), the soundtrack was loud, and Sayaka Kinoshita gave me a shiver when Mirko emerged from smoke, smiling with the blood flowing down her face, telling us that she was just starting – the mood that is completelyAnd undoubtedly different than any other heroine we have seen so far in the Anime series.Others certainly had their moments, but not to the extent.And fighting the High End Nomus group is just something Mirko could do.Remember that Endeavour fought with one single high end nomu in Hood.But Mirko?She took care of the whole group.

She really became the first feminine figure, the main or side character, the heroine or villain, give us this epic fight that we all wanted to see since we were introduced to her.It was almost like a Mereoona meeting in Black Clover and seeing her fight for the first time.Mirko filled this hole, which was simply missing in previous seasons My Hero Acadekaren.And not only because he is a female figure, the way of her fight and the acting voice of Kinoshita knocked me off my feet.From the fact that her arm was completely sent to hell and did not even shrouded for absolutely amazing animation, and even for designing the sound sound every time she inflicted kicks, I can say 100% certainty that her scenes from this episode raised thesewith manga.

And the best of all these wonderful moments Mirko in episode 2 is that although she is a side figure, she felt like the main character.It wasn’t just three minutes on the screen and it’s time to go on, no.She also did not receive secondary animation and composition for her fight.She was in the center of attention for half the episode, and the episode never once cut off from her fight until time came.It seemed that she was the main heroine and we all witnessed greatness.

She received her own epic soundtrack with a heart rumbling a piano with a dark orchestra accompanying him, which perfectly matched the serious tone of struggle and its own character.I don’t know what to hear a soft violin when he breaks his head with his legs.I wanted this effective, dark sound to reflect what was happening and it was perfect.So Yuki Hayashi (music producer) deserves his flowers.The director of the episode Shouji Ikeno did an excellent job, making Mirko look like an epic character, and the rest of the staff in Bones twisted everything that surrounded her great moment in the episode, which made me clap in front of the TV.

And what I could love above all, this episode simply did an unreal job of the fact that Mirko stood out so much that I guarantee that she broke many favorite characters from My Hero Acadekaren despite the minimum amount of screen time she received during theseSix seasons compared to others.Bones employees made sure that they consistently focus on her and her fight only in this episode, which made it perfect for what happened on the second side of the war in the village of the villains.

Denki with a “shocking” moment

It’s okay, moving away from electric puns, the bottoms shine this moment was incredibly well done and it should have been followed by a thunderous applause (ok, now I will stop) from every fan of My Hero Acadekaren around the world.If you are a fan of the series and neither Mirko’s fight nor Denki’s moment aroused noise in you until you raised your fist, I don’t know what more you may want from other side characters in this series or in any series.Despite the fact that the moment of Denki was emotionally driven, unlike Mirko, where it was more “I will kick nonsense and I will enjoy it”, after such a long time it was still a great moment for his character, and my God … what aIncredibly excited moment!

And to be honest, it fits.Denki is still a teenager, and Mirko is an adult.When an adult maintains a balance during a fight and has an eye on a goal, while a teenager is nervous to participate in a real battle, each of their moments is unique for their character.Music time and energy are completely different from Mirko, his form wrapped in lightning cacon and internal emotional accumulation throughout the entire episode for Denki up to this one, single moment, everything was simply perfect in the smallest details.

I know that one of the biggest critics of My Hero Acadekaren Season 5 was that the graphics were not detailed enough and looked rather bland compared to the source material.But if someone thinks that after watching the first two episodes, especially last week with episode 2, you are the most important person who is looking for rivets.While the graphics of the environment (trees, mountains, heaven) looks rather bland, it also strengthens (I don’t think I can stop the game of words), how wonderful everything looks in the foreground, especially the great moment of Denki.

End my hero acadekaren season 6 episode 2

The only thing that prevents me from giving this episode a perfect rating is that the first seven minutes of the episode consisted of intro deku that we have already seen in the premiere of the season, summary of the last episode, opening and the scene of rejection in which Deku talks to each other, shoto, Urarak, Bakugo and IId.But from that moment it was 10/10 all the way.I would like to have more to say, but this episode was more a episode of “you just have to watch it” than “let’s talk about it”.And for you, only anime fans, it will be so for the rest of the season, so fasten your lanes.

Episode 2: 9/10 rating

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