My Hero Acadekaren Season 6 episode 3, date confirmed

Date and time of release My Hero Acadekaren Season 6 Episode 3 (Episode 116) “One’s Justice” was confirmed for Crunchyroll.

The sixth season of My Hero Acadekaren gave us two amazing episodes, and the iconic Mirko finally gained global recognition that she deserves.

However, the episode from last week had one of the most annoying moments in the latest history of Mha, when her hand was completely screwed and her shoulder was completely destroyed by the terrifying high-ends.

When fans deduct to the next broadcast “One’s Justice”, we share the date of the international premiere and time for My Hero Acadekaren Anime Season 6 Episode 3.

My Hero Acadekaren Season 6 Episode 3: Date and premiere time

My Hero Acadekaren Season 6 Episode 3 (Episode 116)


for the premiere on Saturday, October 15.

As Crunchyroll confirmed, the new episodes of the sixth season My Hero Acadekaren will be released on the following international dates:

Pacific time – 2:30 Eastern time – 5: 30 Ambitish time – 10:30 European time – 11:30 Indian time – 15:00 Philippine time – 17:30 Central Australian time – 20:00

My Hero Acadesezon 6 Karen is available for streaming via Crunchroll in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Latam, Mena, Russia and Europe.

Preview trailer and history of the episode shared online

The official Japanese website MA gave the following signature to episode 3 season 6 My Hero Acadekaren, which is to be entitled “Justice”:

“The heroes attacked Gunwansan Villa, a hideout of the paranormal liberation front.Hawks from Twice obtained information about the hideout.They both face their own justice in their hearts …! “- My Hero Acadekaren Episode 116 Story, via

official website


The announcement of the trailer has been made available via the Toho Animation channel on YouTube, see below.

How has been evaluated so far?

Open two episodes from the sixth season My Hero Acadekaren met with an extremely positive reception of fans around the world.

The sixth season is currently rated 80% on


, 4.2/5 on

Planets anime

and 8.1/10 on Myanimelist.

Although these are very impressive results, it means that the series is only the tenth of the highest rated autumn program of 2022 in Mal.

Two opening sections also have grades 8.1/10 and 8.4/10 on



It is worth noting, however, that the series may have slipped out of the main global conversation about the anime week in the past due to Bleach: Thousand Year Blood War, Chainsaw Man and Spy X Family dominated social media platforms around the world.

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