My Hero Acadekaren Season 6, Episode 4 – Another flawless episode

My hero acadekaren season 6, episode 4 was broadcast on Saturday, proveing once again that this season is certainly one of the best, if not the best, a series that will be broadcast in autumn season 2022. When we talk about perfection in the Shonen genre, there are manyfronts that should be covered.This, in turn, leaves many Shonen series with obvious defects and stops the anime in a specific species before achieving a state of impeccability.Fortunately for us, My Hero Acadekaren Season 6 not only exceeds letters and dots, but has become the most invariably wonderful anime of the autumn season 2022, and this last episode still proves it.

There is nothing to criticize … Nothing!

When I was sitting watching this episode, I was still thinking about how many moving parts and crossing between the scenes he had compared to the previous three episodes.He did not focus only on one or two characters in the episode, as in the previous three episodes.This became the first episode of the season in which many fronts of war were focused when it is approaching the turning point.In this episode, no character received too much or too little time on the screen.And this is only one thing that no one can criticize in this episode.

If we get to the animation, there is also no room for criticism.Mirko struggle scenes looked the same as in episode 2, and even Present MIC had an absolutely amazing animation sequence when he arrived in Shigraki.Each scene surrounding Dabi and Endeavor with the color of their flames was absolutely stunning.And even more so when you realized attention to the details of the composition because of their surroundings.Note that Dabi stands out more because his scene is basically outside, while the Endeavour flames create smoke in a closed environment, giving us a picture that is not so clear.And I’m just starting.

I came to the conclusion that close -ups can be very repetitive when used carelessly. However, My Hero Acadekaren Season 6 proved when and how to use even more extreme close -ups in the most brutal and amazing way. Regardless of whether it was facial expressions or macabre, fractional moments in combat, the use of close -ups this season was also absolutely perfect in more than one way, and this episode also did not run out of them. Take a shot below, where Hawks looks at Dabi. There is not a flaw on this close -up of the Dabi face illuminating Jastrzębie’s face. An absolute fear of death is shown in the details around his eyes. Light blue highlights with hard shadows emphasize the power of Dabi maximally. Linear graphics that will make Hawks face even more visible. This is a kind of close -up this season, which some people missed last season, which we Hero Acadekaren Season 6 gave us from the first episode, and the Bones studio staff refused to give up them too. Just check the other below to get even more examples.

Let’s see: graphics, animation, photography, composition, voice acting, director, storyboards, dialogues, plot development, soundtrack, sound effects, character development, contrast, proper source adaptation … what is missing this season, what was not great?Simple answer – nothing.So far, there is nothing worth criticizing in My Hero Acadekaren Season 6 except the dubious placement of summaries at the beginning of each episode – this is!And this is one thing, which episode 4 of season 6 My Hero Acadekaren proved above all – there is nothing to criticize.

And you know what the crazy part is?We hardly saw anything from most of our favorite A -class heroes, and this season was still completely flawless from the very beginning.But the part that excites me in all this is that we are still not near the best part of the Paranormal Liberation War arch and that everything really starts next week.

Episode 4: 10/10

But by that time, if you think the episode of season 4 of 6 My Hero Acadekaren was amazing, just like me, be sure to vote for the series in our weekly survey!Episode 5 Season 6 My Hero Acadekaren will be broadcast on Saturday, October 29 in Crunchyroll.

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