My Hero Acadekaren Season 6: Mirko once again chosen the most valuable hero after the 4th episode

My hero acadekaren season 6 fourth episode

He was broadcast on Saturday, and Mirko was re -elected by fans as the most valuable hero (MVHERO).Immediately after the broadcast of the episode entitled “Heritage”, the official anime account on Twitter began


, asking them by 1.1 million observers for tweeting with a hashtag,

#ヒロアカ ヒロアカ MVP

(#Heroacamvp) and choose a character that had the greatest influence on her.


They show the 3 best characters with the most votes along with their memorable scenes from the episode.Rabbit Hero Mirko, whose real name is Rumia Usagiyama, returned to get the crown as Mhero in My Hero Acadekaren Season 6 in episode 4, since she first took place in episode 1. Voice Hero Present Mic was in second place, and thenErasure Hero Eraser Head, also known as Shota Aizawa, who also took third place in the first episode.

Mirko current microphone head elastic

My Hero Acadekaren Season 6: Mirko was chosen by the most valuable hero of episode 4

You can also check the epic scene of Mirko from the episode on the Toho animation channel below:

Just before broadcasting the episode of Kohei Horikoshi, the author of Manga My Hero Acadekaren, he updated his site on Twitter about the figure of the heroine, entitled “Heroac anime begins later at 5: 30 in the evening.”

After the broadcast of the Sayak Kinoshita episode, the voice actress of the most voted character in the episode, quoted the post on the official anime account on Twitter to

express your enthusiasm


Thank you for watching the episode of the 4th season of Heroaca 6!Wounded, but moving forward and forward … With passionate tips and close attention to Mirko’s faith, I participated in the recording of the voice, as if I could not not care about breaking my throat.I am also one of the people who admire her mentality.Also expect a broadcast next week!

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Official Twitter


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