My One-Hit Kill Sister receives new promotional materials, more information about the cast

Trailer trailer and main graphics for My One-Hit Kill Sister, which premiered in 2023, was released.More details of the anime adaptation cast were also revealed.

Additional cast is

Rio Tsuchiya

as the receptionist of the tanya guild,

Azumi Waki

as a healer of Sophie,

Sora Tokui

as an aristocratic adventurer Gloria,

Konomi Kohara

as a maid of Gloria Kon i


as a zigfryd.Tanya, Sophie, Gloria and Kuon are shown in the background of the main picture, while the main figures of Asahi Ikusaba (

Yuuki Sakakihara

), Maya Ikusaba (

Haruka Shiraishi

) and Kilmaria (

Ami Koshimizu

) found itself in the center of attention both in graphics and trailer.

My One-Hit Kill Sister is based on the manga published by Shogakukan, written by Konoe and illustrated by Kenji Taguchi, who is served in Sunday Webry and published under the brand Shonen Sunday Comics.Manga began in 2020, and on August 12 it will publish its eighth volume Tankoubon.Manga is based on the Shousetsuka ni Narou online novel by Konoe, which began in 2019.

The assumption of “My One-Hit Kill Sister” covers Asahi’s boy in a different world after an accident.He tries to enjoy this new world, but he discovers that he is terribly weak.On the other hand.His sister Brokon, Maya, who was reborn in the same world after hitting his head while pursuit of Asahi, has the strongest ability of this world.

© 2023 この え ・ 田口 ケンジ / 小学館 / 「異 異 世界 ワンターンキル 姉 さん」 製作 製作 委員会

Hiroaki Takagi

(Love After World Domination, Komi Can’t Communicate and the director of the Orient episodes and the script) directs the program with

Ryouhei Kashia

(Battle Athletes Victory Restart!) As a composer of the series and

Yuuji Hamada

(Animation director of The Gymastics Samurai, co-design of KASE-SAN props) as a character designer,

Kenichi shield

(Aharen – San Wa Hakarenai) as an artistic director,

Atsushi Tamura

(Dawn of the Witch) as a photo director and

Ryuta Katsuta

(somehow I became stronger when I improved the skills of the farm) and

Maki Yamamoto (somehow I became stronger when I improved the skills of the farm) as color designers.

Crunchyroll announced that he would broadcast anime.


Nikkatsu anime channel,